When TV Goes Wrong

I HATE REALITY TV!  Period.   I never liked it and never will.  Even with the alpha reality shows like Real World and Road Rules that started this crap over 10 years ago, I never jumped on their bandwagon. 

The real issues I have with ‘reality’ tv are to many to name but to start, lets begin with the fact that it’s not ‘reality’ if it’s scripted AND this kind of ‘entertainment’ is taking time slots away from qaulity tv with trained, seasoned and experienced ACTORS!  

How many ‘I”m-so-desperate-to-be-on-TV-and-to-find-love-I’ll-compete-with-the-nastiest-most-pathetic-desperate-gold digging-meth smoking-coke snifing-plastic surgery having broads on the planet” shows do we need to see?  In what ‘real’ world are 25 women chasing Flavor Flav?  Or that has-been Bret Michaels who looks like he takes a hit of every drug on the planet before all recording?  Then these ladies who are competing for these men.  Was the prerequisite to apply ‘skank’?  What chick comes behind 23 other broads that kissed these 2 clowns in the mouth and kisses them too?  YUCK!  What 25 men found I Love New York attractive in the real world?  Yeah, yeah, yeah I understand that it’s all about getting exposure and the ‘characters’ were not on these shows really looking to be with these dust mites but did any of them have standards??  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!

There’s also the ‘reality’ shows that follow the everyday moves of stars and entertainers.  Who the hell cares about Tori Spelling, Denise Richards and the long term baby momma of rapper T.I. and her road dog also known as ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne?   Here is a list, in no particular order, of reality shows that are wrong on so many levels:

  • Rock of Love – Recovering heroin addict now turned meth head that still wears eye liner
  • Daisy of Love – Rock of Love meth head reject
  • Flavor of Love – YUCK!
  • I Love New York – A long lost Jim Henson muppet character that never made the cut
  • Tiny and Toya – I hope Toya finds love, she’s such a pretty girl.
  • Charm School – Dust mite reality show rejects
  • College Hill – Higher learning at its best..so sad!
  • A Double Shot of Love – A Myspace hoe turns star?!?!?  WTF!
  • Rock of Love Bus – A traveling meth head show hits the road
  • Keyshia Cole – Frankie.  Enough said.
  • All dance and singing reality shows!
  • Scott Baio, Tori Spelling, Denise Richards – all the ‘has-beens’ rolled up in one!
  • All fashion and modeling shows EXCEPT Project Runway

Listen people, I don’t think I can take another show.  Just from watching their commercials we have all become that more stupid.  Don’t entertain this mess by tuning in.  You’re only contributing to my slow death!