The Swagger Report: Fashion For the Cocoa Man

Today’s fashion has alot of ups and downs.  I hate trends!  A few years back I was ecstatic when artists like Usher, Jay-Z and P. Diddy changed up their style and exchanged a jersey for a blazer and a button down shirt.  I slowly begin to see young men do the same and hoped THIS trend would last forever.

Fast foward to today and you see that trend has some what come and gone. 

The new trend is dingy boxer shorts.  Boys and even some men are walking down the street with their ass showing ON PURPOSE.  Then  you have the long white tshirts that looks like pajamas.  Finally *drumroll*….. SKINNY JEANS!  Who told men that they could wear skinny jeans?  It’s not a good look!

There’s nothing sexier than a put together man.  Wether he’s in a 3-piece suit, a blazer and a button down or some jeans and Timbalands..he’s got it.  The way he walks and licks his lips to the creases in his pants, he can turn a woman on just by walking by.  So I’ve compiled a list of celebrities that exude what the Swagger Report is all about. 

Here, T.I. looks appropriate for the young 20 something year old male.  Please note his pants are not hanging off his ass and his t-shirt does not look like a dress.  This is a good look for you young whipper-snappers but you must be able to switch it up sometimes!



Next are the men in their 30s.  This is a good age bracket because you have alot of options and looks to go with.  You can dress down and still look age appropriate and sexy as hell or you can get all GQ’d up and still look like a young fly 30 year-old. 







Fashion for the man 40 and above is embodied by men like Jay-z, P. Diddy, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington etc.etc. etc.  Allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is HOV!!!!