Chicago’s own Aki Fort… a rebirth of hip hop?

Butta website picI had the wonderful pleasure of doing some work with a hot artist out of Chicago.  If you’ve read my past posts on music then you know I’m a lover of hip hop.  Not this current imposter that we have sneaking its way onto radio and TV but the real thing.  The hip hop that makes you move or start a movement.  You know that feeling of breaking up then making up.   That’s the hip hop I love.

Other than Raekwon’s Cuban Linx II, which by the way is amazing and worth the 15 year wait since the first Cuban Linx in 1994 and Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, everything else on the airways is borderline garbage.

Then Chicago’s own “Butta Da Prince” mix cd landed in my lap.  I have to be honest.  I was not expecting anything spectacular.  I popped it in my Bose and when the last song finished, in disbelief I said to myself “naaahh.. he can’t be that good.”  I thought maybe I was fooled by the Bose technology.  They make sound give off ear orgasms.  Played it again and it was even better than the first time.  What a pleasant surprise.

Butta: Millionaire Minded mix CD presented by Atlanta’s own DJ Holiday is a blend of hot tracks and lyrics that pierce right through you.  His voice is magnetic.  His style and flow is not anything like you’ve recently heard.  He’s not the typical artist who can barely put a sentence together.  His vast vocabulary and profound knowledge is the icing on the cake.  With songs like “Action” and the “Intro – Butta”, what sets Butta’s music apart is his ability to narrate the harsh realities of Chicago’s story allowing you to close your eyes and almost see what he’s talking about.  Mr. Fort IS what the game has been missing.  I look forward to him replacing what’s out now.

And ladies, not only is this man sexy as hell but he’s intelligent.  So the swag is phenomenal 😉

Chicago STAND UP.