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This months Flava is Essence Magazine’s July 2009 Single Man of the Month, LaMarr Woodley.  Ladies.. this man is fine!  Please read on…


When we featured LaMarr Woodley as the Single Man of the Month in ESSENCE’s July 2009 issue, women immediately fell for the NFL player’s subtle charm and old soul. So we decided to give you more! In between working with youth in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, and right before diving into a ton of reader responses, the 24-year-old linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers made time to tell us why community service is important, what he loves about older women, and how you can make your e-mail ( stand out from the crowd.

By Niema Jordan

ESSENCE.COM: You received 1,000 e-mails from ESSENCE readers in one week. Are you overwhelmed by the response?
I didn’t expect so many in this short amount of time. When [the issue] came out I was preparing for my football camp that I hold in my hometown. And I was kind of putting all of my focus on that to make sure my camp went well. But now I’m getting all the e-mails.

ESSENCE.COM: Tell us about your camp.
WOODLEY: This is its second year. I run it with Cliff Ryan of the St. Louis Rams. The kids are 8-15 years old and we invite other players from the NFL down too. We take the kids through the drills and give them a chance to actually be coached by NFL players. I told myself that if I ever got successful, I wanted to give back because we don’t have much in this city right now.

ESSENCE.COM: Have you received any feedback from other players or from your family seeing you in ESSENCE?
WOODLEY: Everybody is calling. My high school coach just called me 15 minutes ago. My family has been calling me saying “nice suit, LaMarr,” because they don’t see me wear suits much.

ESSENCE.COM: So, how would you describe your everyday style?
WOODLEY: My everyday style: I’m simple. It depends on where I’m going, but if I’m just chillin’ I’ll put on some shorts and a shirt. If I can avoid ironing anything, it’s cool.

ESSENCE.COM: Well, what about a woman’s style stands out for you?
WOODLEY: A style is something that can be changed up. You can always work on that, that’s small. A woman just has to have confidence. I like someone who knows they look good and doesn’t have to show too much of their body to prove it.

ESSENCE.COM: I know some of the responses have come from women who are older than you. Do you have an age preference?
WOODLEY: I’ve pretty much just dated around my age, but sometimes older can be better. Older women aren’t shy about talking and usually they are established.

ESSENCE.COM: Got it. Now you are the July Single Man of the Month; what is your idea of a great summer date?
WOODLEY: I’d have to say a cruise. You can get away a little bit, have a few days of relaxing. Go to a few different islands, stay one place for a day or two and then travel around some more.

ESSENCE.COM: So, how can readers stand out and get to be the lucky lady you take on a fabulous date?
WOODLEY: Just send a nice picture and keep the e-mail short and sweet.


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