Sunset Lounge “Day Party” returns for 4th of July celebration

Who says you have to party at 12 midnight anymore?  The “day party” is a great concept.  I get it.  Sunset Lounge, a group of young forward thinking entrepreneurs, has brought a fairly new concept to the forefront of Atlanta’s “night life”, now “day life”.  Whether this group is the first to do it, that’s up for debate but regardless, they are doing it.

Hundreds of people come together at Shout Restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta for this day party for good food, good music and good times.  I’m not sure if I experienced that this time.  It could have been the fact that it was 1000 degrees outside and we’re sitting on a rooftop at high noon or that there were just way to many women there or I wonder if I’m just getting old?  Scratch that.  I’m not old.  But it was 1000 degrees out and there was way to much estrogen in the building.   I guess that works out for you men but I prefer to be around some testosterone…cute testosterone at that.   The music was descent but not great.  I’m not sure if they changed the DJ but I remember being very pleased about the music at the last one I attended.

If you read my first review of this event back in September ’09, I almost wrote this event off because of Shout.  I felt that Shout being understaffed for this groups event was a sign of disregard and disrespect and the manager on duty that time had a horrible attitude.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a positive review about Shout this time around and I’m not surprised.  I’m assuming that Sunset Lounge and Shout made arrangements for this event months in advance so why is the waitstaff unaware of ANYTHING?  No one had any clue if the event had any drink specials.  They weren’t aware of any food specials.  When we asked our waiter about it, he asked another waiter standing at another table and that waiter didn’t know.  So that waiter asked another waiter across the patio and that waiter didn’t know.  We arrived there when doors open to avoid the crowd and the wait for food and drinks.  We still had to wait a long period of time for our drinks.  Some of the food that was ordered came out room temperature.  But this is how Shout is on a regular day.  I’ve honestly never had a positive experience at this place.

At the end of the day, kudos for Sunset Lounge and their day party.  They have a huge following so expect a large turnout if you decide to go to their events.  They opened the doors right on time and didn’t play that “lets keep the line waiting” game that most of these promoters and venue participate in.  They had someone passing out free hand towels and t-shirts.  Sunset Lounge staff/affiliates were pleasant.  If they bring back the previous DJ, bring in more testosterone and LEAVE SHOUT RESTAURANT, then I’ll be back.  Until then, lights out for me on this day party.  Although I will not return if they continue to patronize Shout, I still recommend this event.  Experience the Day Party yourself.


Old School Saturday is Atlanta’s best party of the month

As I limp into the house at 2:30 in the morning I realized that my feet are killing me.  My feet never hurt on any other occasion.  Then I thought hard about the last time, if ever, my feet felt like this and it was the last time I went to Old School Saturday, OSS as the public calls it.

If you’re new to Atlanta, visiting Atlanta or been here your entire life but never been to an Old School Saturday event, you need to make it your point to attend the next party.  I know the name may throw you off.  “Old school” sounds like a room full of Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes party goers but it’s the complete opposite.   I’m 33 and happy to have grown up in the greatest era of hip hop and the 2nd greatest era of soul and r & b (the first being the Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes era).

One Saturday a month at a different location throughout Atlanta, usually at the top hotels in the city, they play “The Soundtrack of Your Life” which is respectively their motto and it’s exactly how I feel with each and every song they play.  Think of every classic hit of the 80’s and 90’s from the different genres of music and this is what the night is made of.  Tonight they did a large tribute to Michael Jackson to commemorate the year anniversary of his untimely death.   Most of his greatest hits from the Jackson 5 to the Bad album brought me down memory lane and reminded me how I’m still upset that he’s gone.

As usual I had a great night… a degree.  The OSS staff and events are very organized and well thought out.  But the one issue that almost ruined the night for me was the Westin Hotel’s air system in the ballroom that the event was held in.  It was so hot in there it literally cut into my dance time.  At one point it was almost unbearable to stand in the room.  What concerns me about this is I’ve been to other non OSS events at this Westin in downtown Atlanta and have never experienced no air at the event.  I don’t know if that’s a practice of Westin but it’s definitely not a good look when this group brings approximately 2000-3000 people through their doors buying their hotel drinks the whole night.  OSS, you may need to look into that.

The next Old School Saturday is July 17, 2010 at the Hyatt.  Meet me there or beat me there.  Either way, I’ll be there!   This is going to be me:

LOL!  Sike.. I’m playing.

Transformation Sensation: Six cheap ways to do the new you!

News flash – making a dramatic difference in your appearance does not require a scalpel, 2 packs of weave or 12 weeks of intense cardio! There are actually a few quick and easy ways you can give your look an instant boost without spending absorbent amounts of money:

1)      Consider having your eyebrows professionally sculpted either by having them waxed or threaded. Your eyebrows frame your face and can add depth and intrigue to your eye area. Be sure to not have them arched too high or to get them too thin. You don’t want to look surprised all the time or to get them so thin that you almost appear to have none at all.

2)      Stepping out on the town? Got a hot date? Want to make an impression at a special event? Why not consider fake lashes? This is a quick and easy way to create the look of elegance. Fake lashes come in a variety of styles – some more natural looking and others more dramatic in length and fullness. A good rule of thumb is to consider that less is more. You want to have good-looking lashes – not fake looking lashes. Also, consider having them applied professionally for the first time. The application can be tricky and the last thing you want to happen is for your lash to detach in front of a perfect stranger!

3)      Have you ever wondered how the celebrities have faces that appear to be sculpted, vibrant and airbrushed? Maybe they’re born with it? Maybe they have a great make-up artist! Yes, it’s probably the latter of the two. Adding light and defining certain key places on the face can enhance and even create light and definition where otherwise there is none. There are many products on the market for highlighting the face ranging from crème highlighters to powdered products. Using a foundation or a concealer up to 2 shades lighter than your own works fabulously. If you don’t want to invest in highlighter, concealer or foundation, use one of your beige-colored eye shadows that you no doubt have within one of your shadow palettes. Add this color with a sponge applicator underneath your eyes, in the inner-corners of your eyes, underneath each cheekbone, down the length of your nose from between the eyes to the tip of the nose, in the center of your chin and across your forehead. Then use a large make-up brush and gently blend. Instantly, you appear rested and youthful! One of the finest in his craft, Sam Fine, makeup artist to the stars, published the book Fine Beauty full of techniques and full-color pictures of some of the most amazing work ever. Here, on the cover of his book, he displays among the many techniques, his highlighting trick:

4)      Try a pink lip gloss for a clean, natural and dewy look. Yes – pink, ladies. All of us have a pink that compliments our complexion. Some of us look better with rose-tinted pinks while others look better with more mauve-colored and brownish pinks. A great way to make pink your pink is to use a liner. First apply light brown or dark pink liner to the lip line. Gently blend your liner so that it doesn’t literally look like a line. Then apply your gloss (or glosses). Sometimes, achieving your best lip color requires a blend of more than one gloss. Also, a key to longevity in your lip product is lip conditioning. Washing your face alone does not adequately maintain the integrity of the skin on your lips. Consider using a lip masque product and a lip conditioning product to help remove dead skin and to smooth and heal the skin. This will improve the texture of the skin, preventing your lips from cracking and peeling.

5)      Do people of color blush? I can’t say that I ever have but I certainly do apply it and it truly enhances my entire face. Blush can bring out features you did not know you had and it can create ones you do not have. Please do not achieve the clown face when applying you blush! Red circles on your cheeks is not the proper application. Adding a touch of color to the apple of your cheek and then using a large, angled brush to sweep the color up and to the outer corner of your eye can do wonders to create the look of high cheekbones. Afraid of overdoing it? No problem – just sweep your face with loose powder. Traditionally, when we think of blush, we think of reds and rosie pinks but there are also the bronzes, raisins and mauvey pinks. Don’t worry about your blush matching your lipstick or your eye shadow. It’s meant to enhance not match!

6) And finally, last but not least, the infamous, never-failing, always sexy and alluring, captivating smokey eye! There are numerous versions of this technique and it’s not for the faint at heart! You have to be bold, courageous and enchanting to pull this one off – otherwise the look can come across as excessive and superficial. Don’t bother going to get a “smokey eye” makeup palette. Just find your black eye liner, some black, charcoal or dark brown shadow and some black mascara and a matte highlighting shadow to accent your brow bone and you’re off! There are numerous tutorials on the internet showing you different ways to achieve this look varying from a basic cocktail after work smokey eye to a more dramatic black tie affair smokey eye. As a rule, to avoid a busy face, the smokey eye should be paired with a pale or nude lip. You don’t want anything but the eyes to have the attention of your audience.

Still thinking about paying thousands for a nose job or lip injections? Take one or two of these tips out for a test drive and you’ll be amazed at the amazing transformation! Enjoy!

Merengue Restaurant Boston, MA

Although I’ve moved away from home and do not miss Boston at all (except for the friends and family) one thing that I absolutely love about that city is the diversity.  With diversity comes all kinds of good eats!

I went home recently and finally went to a restaurant that has been 5 blocks away from me my entire life that I always walked by.  Merengue Restaurant located at 156-160 Blue Hill Avenue, brings Dominican Republic cuisine to the heart of Roxbury.  With dishes like Langosta al Gusto* (Lobster in Garlic, Vinaigrette, Creole or Coconut Sauce) and Combinacion de Mariscos al Gusto* (Seafood Combination with Lobster, Shrimps, Calamari, Octopus & Mussels) you will enjoy something on the menu.  When you walk in all your senses are greeted with something Dominican.  The aroma, the sounds and the authentic Dominican decor gives the feeling that you are on their island enjoying their food.

Unfortunately, my first experience wasn’t great.  We waited 35 minutes for salmon, salad and rice and beans.  The waiter did not come over one time to apologize for the delay or just give us an update on our food.  When the food finally arrived my salmon was as hard as an over cooked piece of steak and my beans were cold.  I was completely thrown off by this because I’ve heard nothing but great reviews.  Will I go back?  I’m thinking about it because everyone’s food looked and smelled really good.  Luckily I’m in the mood of giving second chances.

If you’re ever in Boston go check them out.  I think they just had an off day.

The Blackwood Pizza Bar

Tired of the regular pizza shop?

The Blackwood Pizza Bar located at 3560 Camp Creek Parkway, East Point, GA 30344, is a pizzeria touched with a little soul.  Along with the regular tables you see in restaurants, they also have sofas and other big comfy chairs for you to fall into as you listen to a live band.  Staff has been friendly, which is always a plus.  Topping the soul, the customer focused staff and decor is the food.  The pizza is GREAT and moderately priced!

Cocoa Chicks will definitely be there again!

Sidenote to the owner:  You should really get your website finished.  Your online presence should be just as fresh and intriguing as your real life presence ;).  Keep up the good work!