Missing Mondays: Athena Joy Curry (ATLANTA)

November 2nd, just a few days shy from her 21st birthday, Athena Curry should be making plans for one of her biggest party nights in her life.  All her friends and family should be thinking of ways to help her … Continue reading

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Ray Allen is 3-point King

I was so glad to see Ray Allen make history last night as we played those God-awful Lakers. Yeah, they beat us, but that still didn’t spoil what went down!

Ray Allen broke the NBA 3-point record last night in the first quarter. He only needed two to break Reggie Miller’s record so we all expected it to be a breeze for Allen. It was his second of the night and 2,561st of his career. The age-old question, “Who’s better? Reggie or Ray?” can be summed up briefly: Ray Allen passed Miller as the all-time leading 3-point scorer and he’s done so in three fewer seasons and 300 fewer games.


Bombshells of the Month: Spelman students win AT&T Mobile App Competition

Maybe I’m out the loop. I tend to think I try to stay on top of things that are IMPORTANT or recognize things that should be RECOGNIZED. I”m constantly hearing about young kids creating iTunes apps, or the high school kid who ILLEGALLY broke into a iPhone and made it usable on a T-Mobile network, or the MIT student who hacked into federal officials emails.  So I was shocked and thoroughly excited to hear that two Spelman College students recently won a mobile app competition last October. Shocked because I didn’t even hear a buzz about it last year and I LIVE in Atlanta and excited because of the obvious.

Jazmine Miller and Jonecia Keels, creators of the “HBCU Buddy App” are the 2010 winners of the AT&T Wireless Big Mobile on Campus Challenge beating out last year’s winners from Harvard. Students across the nation enter this competition for a chance to  win a $10,000 scholarship, a mobile device of their choice and to present their app at the EduCause Annual Conference in California.

From Blackweb2.0: HBCU Buddy is an iPhone app created to educate and inform users, including both prospective and current college students, about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the United States. It is a fully fledged mobile service application that provides detailed information about each and every HBCU in the nation and integrates all facets of college life. Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions stated that “HBCU Buddy is an outstanding mobile application, embodying everything this contest is about: providing a platform for higher education students to develop their innovative ideas into practical and useful e-learning mobile applications.

Congratulations Jazmine Miller and Jonecia Keels of Spelman College in Atlanta!

Bombshell of the Month: Aung San Suu Kyi

This bombshell, Aung San Suu Kyi, is the face and the symbol of the struggle to free the people of Burma, India.  She’s also a Nobel Peace laureate.  The daughter of an assassinated Burma independence hero, Aung San, Mrs. Suu Kyi was born to fight for freedom.  Burma’s repressive laws, restricted freedoms and a dictatorship that allows people to be detained without trial, thrusted Suu Kyi in the country’s nationwide democracy uprising.   After a military coup in 1988, she became the General Secretary of a new pro-democracy party called the National League for Democracy (NLD).  Naturally the regime fought back brutally murdering 5,000 people of Burma.  After intense international pressure, the dictatorship was forced to call a general election which really didn’t matter because they never recognized NLD’s staggering win.  Suu Kyi has spent the last 20 years on and off detention and house arrest.  She was released on November 13, 2010 – her third period of detention.  The struggle is still not over.  She is calling for the release of 2,000 more political prisoners. 

Power to the people.