Mother of bong toting baby gets arrested

What makes a mom say to herself “I got an idea! Let me take this bong that I just finished smoking with, give it to my baby, take a picture of my baby sucking on it and then post it on Facebook” and think that shit is cute? Who knows, but this dumb bish 19-year-old Rachel Stieringer did and it landed her dumb ass in jail.  Someone on her friends list called the authorities and the Florida Department of Children and Families services swooped in.

In an interview with a local news station, this fool says, “If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO (sic) pipe. And i took a pic to show one (expletive) person and it was a mistake. I would never ever ever let him get high….I would never do anything to harm my child.

We can’t tell, DUMMY!  And you can’t even spell TOBACCO!

To all you sorry ass mothers and fathers who go around posting your videos on Youtube with your 4-year-old swearing, or your little girl humping the ground imitating a new dance that’s clearly sexual in nature and your Facebook and emails blasts of your baby holding your gun, or Lil Billy smoking your cigarettes or your child holding a Jack Daniels bottle to his or her mouth, do us all a favor and GO KILL YO’ SELF!  Leave us your children because clearly you’re not equipped to parent.


Fantasia alleged suicide attempt?

Singer, Fantasia Burrino, has been reportedly admitted to an North Carolina hospital for an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid.  This “alleged” suicide attempt they’re calling it,  is from the overwhelming media pressure about rumors of her having an affair with Antwuan Cook,  a married man and being sued by Paula Cook, his wife.  Apparently, North Carolina allows the wives of cheating husbands to sue the MISTRESS.  Before I get into why I’m irritated about this whole thing, I pray that this girl is ok and recovers physically and emotionally.

Now that Alicia Keys and Swizz are married, those rumors of her dating him while he was still married are obviously true.  Now this rumor with Fantasia.  Alicia just so happened to luck up and get a man who ACTUALLY left his wife.  I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same old song from bishes who date married men.  “I’m not happy at home” and “we’re seperating soon” is the biggest excuse and lie these men use.   Do you value yourself that lowly that when he tells you “yeah, I’m married but we ain’t happy”, you can’t say “well when you actually LEAVE your wife, give me a call.”?   WTF is wrong with you chicks?  Yes the men are trifling too but I’m not talking to them because if chicks weren’t readily available to reduce themselves down to being a mere side bitch or having their hands out to take sloppy seconds, then these men wouldn’t have the opportunity to cheat.   At least let the divorce papers be filed and he’s living outside the damn house!

What irritates me even more is when we act like we don’t know.  All the red flag are waving in the air like they’re in the middle of a hurricane.  You don’t have his home number and you only hook up at your house or hotels.  He still lives in the damn house!  You believed him when he told you that he sleeps in a different room?  You believed him when he told you they weren’t having sex anymore?  LOL!  Come on now.  Don’t be a stupid bish your ENTIRE life.  Or what about when chicks use the excuse “well, if the wife was doing her job” or “I’m not responsible for breaking up the was already broken”?  Is that how you convince yourself that dating a married a man is cool? 

Brian Dickens, Fantasia’s manager, says in a statement on Monday, “she will weather this storm with dignity and grace.”  Dignity and Grace wouldn’t have got her in this position from the beginning.

Fast speed turns me on

With the new “No texting while driving” law in Georgia recently passing, it made me think of all the other things people are doing that they shouldn’t be doing while driving.  I’ve seen chicks applying eyeliner, men reading newspapers and even people reading books while on the highway.

Jabra, a headset making company, recently published a report saying that 15% of motorists have had sex or performed a sexual act while driving.

NO COMMENT!   I plead the 5th on the grounds that my testimony may incriminate me in a crime.

Hi! My name is Anjela and I’m addicted to Social Networking

Social networking has made my addiction to gadgets, especially cell phones, reach new levels.  I was anti-social networking 12-18 months ago but after pressure from my friends to join Facebook, I’ve been a crackhead ever since.   It wasn’t enough to have all my FB notifications come to my Blackberry but I had to have it come to my Droid and my iPod.  Then Twitter came into my life.  It wasn’t enough to just download UberTwitter, an application specifically for Blackberry phones, but I had to download TweetDeck to my iPod and to my Droid.   Is that not insane?  Then got a Blackberry application.  Then it got a iPhone/iPod application.  It wasn’t enough for me to just blog when I turned on my laptop but now I need to blog on all my gadgets?  Is that not insane?

As I sat at the Dwele concert (3 blogs down) I couldn’t help to notice all the light illuminating from the hands of almost everyone in the audience.  Literally, almost everyone.  Here we have this sexy ass man crooning on stage and people couldn’t put their Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, HTC’s down.  Every moment needed to be tweeted or facebooked.  Dwele’s in the background setting a serious mood.  Singing his best baby-making music.  Since most of the crowd were couples you would think that there would be more cupcaking but instead of being unable to keep hands off each other, they couldn’t keep their hands off their phones.  And nothing, I mean nothing, should keep you away from copping a few squeezes on your main squeeze.

The social networking matrix has controlled most of our minds.  I recently lost all my gadgets to water damage – iPod touch, a Blackberry, a Droid.  When I noticed all of my items submerged in a puddle of red colored juice, my heart began to race and immediate anger began to boil my blood.  The first thing I thought was “OMG!  Now how am I going to tweet?!?”  Not the fact that my very new Droid was less than a month old, my new Blackberry was less than 2 months old and my iPod Touch 64GB was less than 6 months old so all that money I spent never crossed my mind.   Not until hours later and phone calls made that I realized that none of my items would be replaced because my insurance doesn’t cover juice damage.   A loss in my ability to  tweet, facebook, reddit, digg it, flicker, wordpress, rss feeds, BBM, IM and every other form of this crack outweighed that all the money I spent was out the window and I would probably have to rebuy every single gadget I owned.

It’s been a couple of weeks since this epic loss and I feel like a 2 bit crackhead in withdrawal.  My backup phone I purchased just to have a phone has none of the social networking capabilities and I feel like killing myself.  How pathetic is that?

Hi.  My name is Anjie.  And I’m addicted to social networking.  *shrugs*

Queen James: Diary of a wanna be MILF

Where do I even begin?  We’ve all heard by now the rumors of Lebron James mother, Gloria James, having sex with Lebron’s teammate, Delonte West.  Just typing that foolishness makes me break into laughter.  I initially just blew it off but to many “official” people are confirming the story.  Not to talk about this man’s mother, but I can’t wrap my mind around why this young man would want her *ouch*.  Yeah, that was foul but I said it.   He has the baddest groupies in the world clinging to his sac and one night he says to himself “forget that bad ass 21 year-old who scaled the wall of my hotel and snuck into my room.  I’m gonna f*ck Lebron’s mom!”  It doesn’t make any sense.  Then I thought of the Destiny’s Child Syndrome, DCS.  Yes, I gave it an acronym.    Kelly and Michelle practically were seen as backup singers.  I remember watching them on the red carpet and a camera man called Kelly by the name of one of the former members!  He didn’t even know Kelly’s name.  I don’t care what anyone says, Kelly and Michelle spent nights in envious fury trying to find a way to take B out.  But you see where I’m going with this?

You have a team of players that are non-existent to the world.  They are the Kelly’s and Michelle’s of Beyonce’s Child I mean Destiny’s Child.  How much more can a rich, young, immature man take playing second fiddle?  King James this. King James that.  Antawn who? Lebron AND the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Lebron is the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Delonte who? The only man on the team that counts is Lebron James. MARSHA! MARSHA! MARSHA!  I can SO see Delonte sleeping with this man’s mother out of spite, envy and jealousy.

“Yeah, you’re the King but I f*cked your moms.”  There’s nothing that tops that.  She has completely emasculated Lebron.  But if this is true, I’m almost not as mad at Delonte as I am with Gloria.  Come one Mama James?  Delonte West?  Really?!?  You couldn’t have picked maybe one of the cute ones?  Just kidding.  This whole things stinks to high hell.  She has to be the most evil or the most stupid  bish in the North Central region of the United States.  Just like I can’t wrap my mind around him wanting to sex her up, I can’t wrap my mind why she would do it.

I can see it now.  Lebron is on the court playing and fouls someone.  Words are exchanged and then all we hear is “that’s why Delonte effed your mother!”

Lebron is caught by the paparazzi and gives them a hard time about taking pictures…”that’s why Delonte effed your mother!”

Lebron is at Wal-Mart and tries to make his entrance and exit as discreet as possible.  He’s almost clear until 10 year-old Billy Bob catches him at the exit.  “Hey Lebron! Can I get your autograph?”  Lebron apologetically declines because he doesn’t want to cause a scene.  “That’s why I effed your mother!” Billy says.

Do you see how ugly this can get?  Lebron will be 73 years-old and that will still be the running joke.  Lets hope this is truly just a rumor.  What a #epicfail if it’s not.  SMGDH!