Occupy the Hood Boston

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I’m a big supporter of people taking action.  The recent Occupy Wall Street protests taking place all over the country puts a little smile on my face.  FINALLY people not just talking and finally doing something.  Will I be at … Continue reading

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Designs to Empower

By Anji Marie, 5 Point Magazine

Power to the People

 In a time where you hear nothing but atrocities on the news; the disconnect between humans; the complete disregard for your neighbor; the loss of all moral; and corporate greed, it warms my heart in a Grandmas-homemade-apple-pie kind of way, to hear when someone’s sole purpose is to help and touch the lives of individuals they come across, especially the helpless.

During my usual incessant browse of Twitter, I came across an account called Project H Design.  The “H” stands for Humanity, Habitats, Health and Happiness.  Initially, I couldn’t understand how “design” would be so full of all those H’s but I instantly got it within the first few words of their Mission Statement:

 “Project H Design connects the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference.”

 Project H Design’s long-term initiatives focus on improving environments and experiences for K-12 education institutions here in the U.S. but they go much deeper than that.  In 2008, Emily Pilloton, disgruntled and irritated, decided to stop complaining about design and do something about it.  She came up with the idea to provide socially-driven and empowering design projects and solutions to communities that need them the most.  Not even 2-years later her vision is now filled with hundreds of volunteer designers and 9 global chapters that are working on projects that are building schools in some of the poorest counties in the U.S, building desks in schools in Mexico, to providing rugged wheelchairs to the physically impaired in underdeveloped parts of the world. 

Technology and state-of-the-art design are moving developed countries into the future much faster than we move through the calendar year. When I think of the education I received in two different socio-economic communities, I was an eye-witness to how completely different the two worlds were.  One school having a state-of-the-art building, state-of-the-art computer lab and an abundant amount of access to just about anything to the other school barely having windows you can clearly see out of, dark hallways, no computer labs and the lack of access to anything.  Design could have easily changed the course of many things in that second school, from having desks that were conducive to a learning environment to having a building that made learning a little more attractive.

Project H Design is definitely creativity at its best!

For more information:

Project H Design

San Francisco Bay Area Location
Project H Design
PO Box 12021
San Rafael, CA 94912

Eastern North Carolina (Design for Education) Location:
Project H Design
PO Box 1231
Windsor, NC 27983

You can also follow them on twitter: @projecthdesign

Cocoa Kid Of The Month: Isabelle Redford

IsabelleAfter hearing a story about twin girls who’s mother died during childbirth, little Isabelle turns to her mother and says, “What can we do?  We have to help.”

Seven-year-old Isabelle Redford from Kansas, began to do what she loves the most: DRAW.  She created greeting cards that she sold at garage sales and to her friends and family.  Sales went through the roof, earning her $5,000.  That was enough to build her first orphanage in Haiti.  But it wasn’t enough for Isabelle.  $5,000 later, The Global Orphan Project is about to break ground on her second home in Malawi, Africa.

Isabelle’s goal is to have an orphanage on every continent on the planet.  This little girl is truly amazing.  Her cards can be purchased here

Isabelle and her friends