Who I’m irritated with in the Trayvon Martin murder besides his murderer

I think it’s VERY clear that Trayvon Martin was hunted down and executed.  The 911 tape and video footage of Zimmerman’s arrest OBLITERATES his version of his lie.  So I will not discuss what we already know.

This is about the people who feel we should not be discussing this murder and racial profiling because there are murders in their own specific cities that don’t garner marches and rallies.  Because black and latino boys and men get killed everyday by other black and latino boys and men, somehow Trayvon’s murder shouldn’t be a concern of others.

If the Trayvon murder is what lights the fire under some people to take on ALL injustices (by outsiders AND our own), so be it.  To say things like “BUT what about all the other murders in our own city?”  implies that a murder in another city is none of our business?  I’m hearing comments like, “the people in Florida aren’t marching for our murders.”  What are we in 1st grade?  “Na na na-boo-boo you’re not marching for me so I’m not marching for you! *sticks tongue out*”.  So because someone isn’t marching for another cities murders means we should sit by idle?   We should condemn the marches, rallies and all kinds of support?  Some say they are not condemning but look at the definition.  If you say, “why are people marching BUT do not march for the kids that get killed everyday” that BUT is you expressing an unfavorable judgement on people marching for this specific case.

Let’s take the Birmingham Bus Boycott.  Should we have said, “why is MLK supporting this when there are other public transit systems in the U.S. that don’t allow blacks to sit in the front.”  Should MLK and the others not have taken on Birmingham because blacks in his own city of Atlanta couldn’t sit anywhere they wanted on a bus?  Should people have not marched for the 4 little girls killed in the church bombing because other girls were killed in other cities?  You see how ridiculous that sounds?  If we took on that SCARED and SELFISH way of thinking there would be no pressure to investigate  Trayvon’s murder.  The parents would not be on Capitol Hill discussing racial profiling.  The police department would not be under investigation now.  The DOJ would not be involved.  If one is not willing to take on a MONSTER as big as racial profiling, white supremacy (Zimmerman is a WHITE HISPANIC – mother from Peru, father is white), the justice system etc etc etc… why would others think these same people can take on something at the local level?  At face value, I get what these naysayers are saying.  We should be outraged at all murders.  And we are.  The key difference is that I do not know any murderers who have admitted to the murder, that’s clearly lying about the details and the police do nothing and they walk free.  Here we know who the murderer is.  GO ARREST HIM.  In the other cases, we do not know who the murderer is but the sentiment is still the same: GO FIND HIM/HER AND ARREST HIM/HER.

Please stop CONDEMNING others for taking on something you’re scared to take on.  Please stop trying to make something negative out of something so positive.  When was the last time you’ve seen 15, 16 and 18 year-olds speaking up?  Your “but what about all the other murders” statement is counterproductive, negative and DISCOURAGING.  Instead of dimming light on what others think is a move towards social change, how about shine some light, be supportive and encouraging or SHUT THE HELL UP.


2 comments on “Who I’m irritated with in the Trayvon Martin murder besides his murderer

  1. Go Lady…could not have said it better myself..One day at time to build a future is my motto. And this case one case at a time. we are a nation of people and we as a nation need to stand up for injustice. Even more so for the black race because no one stands up for us until we stand up for ourselves. Loving it.

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