Missing Mondays: Athena Joy Curry (ATLANTA)

November 2nd, just a few days shy from her 21st birthday, Athena Curry should be making plans for one of her biggest party nights in her life.  All her friends and family should be thinking of ways to help her celebrate that special birthday that signifies the day one steps into official “adulthood”. But they are not.  Nor is Athena.

Athena Joy Curry, of Portland, Oregon, affectionally called “Nelz” by her loved ones, is the youngest of 5 siblings who spoiled their baby sister rotten.  That smile you see in her pictures is the same smile that lit up rooms every time she walked into one. Athena was an active and vivacious young girl. She ran track and played softball throughout all her school years.  She attended Grant High School in Portland and during her senior year, moved to Atlanta to live with one of her sisters. In 2009, Athena graduated from Martin Luther King, Jr High School in Lithonia, GA, a beautiful suburb just outside of Atlanta.

Shortly thereafter, in January 2010, she and her boyfriend, Yusif Mujahid, gave birth to a healthy boy she named King.  But not so healthy, was Yusif and Athena’s relationship.  Abuse plagued their on-again off-again relationship, even resulting in Yusif being arrested for battery after threatening to sting her with a stun gun and repeatedly punching her in the face.

Fast forward a few months.  It’s May 2011.  She spent most of the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend, with Yusif at his house at 1485 Beecher Street in Southwest Atlanta.  He claims there was more of their usual fighting and she stormed out the house at 3 AM on May 27, 2011.  Athena has not been seen or heard from since, leaving behind the most important thing in her life:  her 16-months old son, King.

From what her family is saying, it is very odd that she would leave at that time without calling either her sister Aisha or her best friend.   They are also saying she would NEVER under any circumstance leave her son.  Her boyfriend makes the same claim.  If that is the case, why did it take him 3 days to call the police?

So where is Athena?  A young women with so much to live for and a son she lived for seemingly just disappears.  No activity on her phone, ATM card or Facebook.  A woman who shortly before her disappearance enrolls in the Healthcare Administration Program at the University of Phoenix.  A young women whose family and friends love her deeply, that she was deeply connected to. Where is Athena Joy Curry?

“I cant begin to explain the pain we feel day in and day out… just not knowing where she is or what has happened to her. We try so hard to stay positive but with her leaving the baby and not contacting ANYONE nor using any finances and/or facebook posts… reality is beginning to set in” – Jerilynn Ledbetter, Sister

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Athena Joy Curry, please contact the Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Squad at (404) 546-4235.

To help us bring Athena and the rest of our missing home, please join us on Facebook at


3 comments on “Missing Mondays: Athena Joy Curry (ATLANTA)

  1. so sad I hope she comes home safe…….. and whoever has anything to do with her disappearance I know one day you will face Allah…. you will answer!

  2. No mother would leave there child with the man that beat on them i think her boyfriend had somethin to do with her goin missing..If he think he a man cause he beat on her be a man and tell us what happen to her.

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