Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian… movie match made in heaven?


Welp.  Where do I begin?  I’m not the biggest Tyler Perry fan.  His body of work is a little suspect to me.  His movies that are not so Meet-The-Browns-ish are the ones I can stomach but anything else I avoid like the plague.

His latest installment, “The Marriage Counselor”, has landed reality “star” Kim Kardashian a role.  Kardashian will play Ava, a friend and coworker of the titular counselor (played by Jurnee Smollett of “The Defenders”, “Eve’s Bayou” and “Friday Night Lights”), whose marriage takes a turn when she gets bored dispensing good advice and decides to sleep with a suave client, according to Deadline. But not to worry, Ava is there to give the counselor a big-city makeover when her life is in the dumps.

The one thing about Tyler’s movies that I like is most of his casting.  Getting someone like Jurnee Smollett, who’s been around for ages but never really getting the respect she deserves, is good for movies.  But I’m not feeling Kim Kardashian in ANY movie.  Just because she’s a hot commodity doesn’t mean it’s good for EVERYTHING.  I guess I’ll be waiting for the DVD *shrugs*

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