When “standing by your man” goes to far

Where do I begin?

Should I start at the first murder attempt?

Or the other time where she got shot in the stomach?

Yvonne Stern of Houston, has survived two attempts taken on her life by what prosecutors are saying were murder-for-hires by her husband. High-profile attorney Jeffrey Stern is being charged with two counts of solicitation of capital murder. Of course his lawyers are saying that he’s innocent and that his mistress is the one that hired the 4 men to kill his wife.  Even if that’s true, which I do not believe, that does not erase the fact that this wife stuck with him after his infidelity got her two bullets.  Come on ladies! Is being alone that bad? We’re willing to take two bullets instead of being alone?! WE GOT TO DO BETTER!


One comment on “When “standing by your man” goes to far

  1. Well damn! I had to google her name because I was unfamiliar with the case. I’d have given him the deuces after the first attempt. Geez. Whether it was him or the mistress, either way, those 2 are a danger to her very existence. Be gone!

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