New year, new rules

We’re one week in to the new year and most people have probably already gone astray from their new year resolutions.  I typically do not make new year resolutions.  It has always seem like an inevitable epic fail because there’s just too much pressure that comes with making these resolutions – You’re amped because the new year is coming around so you have these amped up resolutions with unattainable goals.  Like who can really lose 60 pounds by February 1st if you’re not a contestant on The Biggest Loser?

So I spent the first week of the new year writing out a list of goals that I want, excuse me, WILL reach this year.  One of the goals I already messed up on, “If I commit to something, stick with it”.  2 days ago I announced to the World Wide Web that I would blog everyday and I already missed two days. SMH.  As my list began to grow, I realized that besides a few personal things such as financial planning, fitness and health, the majority of my goals were things we as a society should work on collectively.  Hopefully some of my goals are in the heart of many others.

  1. Becoming more financially literate – start a financial planning program, SAVE more, KNOW MY TAXES, and reduce debt by 30%. The reason I chose reducing debt only by 30% is because I have to be realistic.  I have zero credit card debt,  but I do have student loan debt.  Making a goal that says “pay off all debt” is unrealistic and is a set up for failure. I have student loans from Massachusetts colleges.  You do the math. 🙂
  2. Invest more time in volunteering and community service.  It’s our responsibility to give back, period.
  3. MENTOR.  Children are the most valuable asset to society.  If we do not invest in them, who will lead in the future?
  4. Get my bikini body back.  I will lose 25lbs by the spring.
  5. Begin a fitness routine that includes daily physical activity that promotes a healthier lifestyle. Even after I lose the 25lbs, I should still do things to promote a healthier lifestyle.  I secretly want Serena Williams body but that will take more than losing 25lbs lol.  Baby steps people.. baby steps.
  6. Less eating out and more cooking.
  7. Recycle and do more to “Go Green”.  Keep on thinking what we do doesn’t affect the planet.  We have a place to call home and we treat it like a commode.
  8. Practice the art of forgiving.  If you ask my closest girls, they’ll tell you out of all their friends, I’m the least to hold on to grudges, I move past issues way faster than most and it takes nothing for me to forgive.  I thought I had this forgiving thing down to a science but if I’m unable to get past this one issue with someone, have I really forgiven?
  9. Read a book a month.
  10. Finish reading the dictionary.
  11. Be more proactive in my business.  Put in the time and dedication needed to be successful. Get 5 new clients this year.
  12. Build new long-lasting friendships and strengthen old ones.  Visit my girls more.
  13. Work on relationships with family members.
  15. Play it forward/random acts of kindness – Do something nice for a stranger “just because”.  We never know what the next person is going through.  A random act of kindness can change their life just. like. that.
  16. And to always ALWAYS educate myself.  There’s power in knowledge.

The ONUS is ON US.



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