Why iM not iN love with the iPad

As a self-proclaimed iPhone hater turned iPhone lover, the hate didn’t just stop there.  iHated on the iPad as well then turned into an iPad owner.  The jury is in: I’m not iN love with the iPad. As a matter of fact, I may still be an iHater. My position still stands that this iPad is an oversized iPhone that can’t make any calls.  Of course the apps are like crack and the high-resolution screen is filled with all the pretty little colors in the world, but at the end of the day it’s an oversized walkman.  You’re not going to carry this thing down the street listening to the iPod part of it. You will not jog with it attached to a band around your arm. It really serves no purpose other than keeping Steve and them in our pockets.  The one and only benefit of having this oversized iPhone that doesn’t make calls, is its ability to replace your heavy ass laptop during travel.  IF you can do without your laptop.  You can sync your iPad with a wireless keyboard and you can add iLife or Microsoft Office ’11 for all your business needs. Other than that, it’s still a snoozefest.  Maybe because I have the iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and the new MacBook Pro. *shrugs*



4 comments on “Why iM not iN love with the iPad

  1. Hubby won one a few months ago through a contest. It’s fun to use as an ereader and our toddler loves grabbing it to watch episodes of Mickey Mouse that we’ve downloaded for him. I’m happy that I didn’t fall for hubby’s subtle pressure to purchase one. For free? I love it. If we’d have paid $$? Not so much.

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