HIGHS and lows of 2010

I remember entering the “Dub Dime” like it was yesterday.  “Dub Dime”, for all my non urbanites, is 2010.  But it flew by us like a purse snatcher at night with his fingers clinched to my bag.  At some points of the year, it didn’t fly by fast enough.  There were moments I wanted to crawl under a rock and wait for it to be over, like anytime Sarah Palin spoke.  There were also moments where I didn’t want it to end.  So here are some of 6FootBombshell’s memorable moments of 2010.

  • We started 2010 with the death of Teddy Pendergrass on January 13th.  Oh how I wish I was around in the 70’s to see that man perform on stage.  SMH.!  But then it was followed up with more great losses like Lena Horne, Dorothy Height, Manute Bol, Guru, Tony Curtis and more.
  • There were a few foolish people who talked about a “post racial” America because a black man was elected President.  Then there was the state of Arizona who made sure to remind us, well them, how foolish they were to think such a thing in THIS country.  Remember the SB 1070?  That was the law that was passed that told all immigrants they better not get caught walking down the street without their papers because if they “look” like an illegal immigrant, the police can stop them for any reason.  What the hell does an illegal immigrant look like??  What a FAIL.

  • Speaking of my man O, 2010 was a big year for him.  Although most of his naysayers will say that he hasn’t done anything, I seem to remember health care reform being taken care of, a repeal in that stupid ass “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law that Clinton put into place AND the passing of the Fair Sentencing Act which addresses why someone caught with just 5 grams of crack cocaine gets the SAME felony sentence as someone holding 500 grams of powder cocaine.  Go Obama!

  • 33 men trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile for over 2 months.  All survived and rescued.  Sounds like the making of a movie, huh?  Well don’t forget about the part where the mistress of one of the miners shows up to the rescue as the wife sits at home.  LOL.

  • Toy Story 3 is the biggest block buster movie of 2010.  It must have been a slow year for movies.  *shrugs*

  • Bishop Eddie LooonnnngggStroke, the leader of mega church New Birth, in Atlanta, was accused of sexual coercion by 4 young male members of his congregation.  He wined them, dined them, showed them the finer things in life.  He bought them cars.  Took them around the world. The irony of this foolery is Bishop Long has vehemently bashed gays publicly.  Now he’s bashing gays literally.  Ok, ok, ok low blow…literally.  Ok, ok, ok that wasn’t nice either.  The jury is still out regarding his innocence or guilt so I’ll try to remain as unbiased as possible but if it quacks like a duck, then damn it it’s a duck.

  • The rise of the Teabaggers was pure comedy.  Because of this Tea Party, we most likely will see that fool Sarah Palin, run for president in 2012.  FAIL.

  • This is more of a personal High, but Jay-Z’s world tour was the ish.  ESPECIALLY since he performed on my birthday in Atlanta!  ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!

  • Lebron James going to Miami had a little bit of highs and lows.  The lows were the media coverage of “The Decision” like they were reporting the coming of the lord and the reaction by some of the idiot residents of Cleveland and beyond.  Another low was the comments made by certain conglomerates of the franchise.  You would have thought Lebron James was an escaped slave.  What was funny was that an almost nameless Chris Bosh instantly became a household name and Miami Heat has barely made a fizzle this season.  Me and my Celtics are not worried about them. *Yawn*

  • And speaking of sports, Michael Vick.  His comeback this year is WONDERFUL.  He’s looking real good in that Eagles uniform.  Green is your color boo!  Go Vick!

  • Terry Jones and his “National Burn a Qur’an Day” has got to be the low of lows.  His tribute to 9/11 was to bring people together and burn a holy book because Islam is a “religion of evil”.  Uuummmmm last time I checked, historically more people have died worldwide behind CHRISTIANITY than any religion.  Do us all a favor and KILL YOURSELF!

  • Since we’re on 9/11, the controversy about a Mosque being built on ground zero was pure foolery.  But wait, it’s actually not a Mosque and it’s actually not on ground zero but it’s a Community Center that’s location is 3 blocks away from Ground Zero.  Get a grip!

  • “Hide your mother, hide your wife, hide your kids!  Even hide your husbands cuz they raping everybody out here!” How can we not forget those infamous words from the infamous Antoine Dodson?  To most, he is a 2010 low but I disagree.  Here we have a young man protecting the women in his family.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, he could have taken off the “doo-rag” but at the end of the day he stood up to some pathetic prick ravishing through his community when most of you scared negroes are running and hiding.  I support this Antoine Dodson message!

There were so many things that stood out in my head like Mel Gibson beating up his girlfriend; Oprah’s last season; Montanna Fishburne, daughter of Laurence Fishburne, sex tape; Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars; Shirley Sherrod being fired; Black Farmers being paid for racial discrimination; Brett Favre; a Post Office being named in honor of Civil Rights giant Dorothy Height; Lindsay Lohan; Iraq; Apple; Bernie Madoff’s son committing suicide; the ‘birther’ movement and that god awful Sarah Palin.  But I’m done looking at the past.   Time to move on to the future.



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