Eva Langoria and Tony Parker call it quits

I hope no one is surprised that this didn’t last.  I didn’t get them from the beginning nor their “fairytale” wedding.  Didn’t she even get a tattoo of him or his name somewhere on her body shortly after the start of their relationship?  She seemed way more into it than him which makes sense, since she was already in her 30s and he was barely 25. 

Eva has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences stating she found 100 texts between her hubby and the wife of a former teammate, Brent Barry.   Reports are saying that Tony and Mrs. Barry did not have a physical relationship though.  But Eva’s friends are saying that she put way more effort into the marriage.  Making sure she was at most, if not all his home and away games.  They also say there were bouts of jealousy and when they were going to have children.    

Some are asking “since when has texting becoming cheating?”   I guess it became cheating when it was kept from his wife 100 texts ago, maybe?


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