Another addition to the Facebook Matrix

Facebook has a plan to make sure that we NEVER step away from our computer or our smartphone or our iPad.  Today they will shoot another hit in our veins as if we’re already not strung out.  Exit 41, a company in Massachusetts somewhere, has created an application for Facebook that allows us to order take out right from a restaurants “fan page”.   Restaurants and companies in general, have put a lot of money and time riding the social network wave by creating pages and ads on Facebook but they had not figured out yet how to make a return on that investment.  Now they can.  This application will allow us to click on our favorite restaurants pages, view their menu and place an order.  So far there are only 5 restaurants signed up but 50 on their way in the next 30 days.  One restaurant already in the loop has seen a 10% increase in sales.  This is great news for business but I think I’ll pass.  Facebook already has to many privacy issues for me to start entering credit card and banking information.


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