*yawn* Bristol the “Pistol” is still shooting blanks

My mother is a self-proclaimed Dancing With The Stars junky.  She doesn’t allow talking during the show.  No phone calls.  Don’t ask her for a damn thing.  You better not walk in the house with a gunshot wound.  If you die in the middle of the den, your body better not fall in front of the tv.  Since I’ve been on a very long extended stay back home I’ve been forced to watch this horrid show.  Yeah, I said it.  HORRID.  But what’s even more horrid than the show is that damn Bristol Palin.  I think I’ve always been mature enough to give credit when it’s due but no one can tell me this girl is not still on JUST because of her ding-bat mother.   This girl CAN NOT dance.  Period.  She’s horrible.  Just look at the picture above.  She can’t even pose good.  But as I look further into the shows demographics, my mother is not the demographic.  It’s made up of majority tea-baggers.. I mean tea partyers.  *shrugs*


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