Bombshell Diaries.1 “I’m 18 and abused”

I’ve been getting emails from people talking and asking me about everything under the sun.  Some want to know why I’m so crazy, what do I think they should do about something a boyfriend did, how do I feel about interracial dating, why am I so stupid (lol), why am I so hard on women, am I racist because I support Obama (wtf?!?) name it, it’s been sent to me.  A friend of mine suggested I share some of them along with my opinion so here goes. 

2 weeks ago I got an email from a young lady who is being abused by her boyfriend… she’s 18.  I’ve scratched out her email for privacy.

Subject:  Hello
From:  >
Date:  Sat, Oct 30, 2010 9:01 am


Hello 6footbombshell,
I follow you on a few sites.  I have a bf I’ve been with for 2 years and I luv him.  I am 18 and I want to marry him.  He’s 25 and my mom and dad hate him.  He hits me all the time and I’m not sure what I should do.  He ahas 2 other girls prego at the same time and has 3 kids.  The last fight  I fell down the stairs and lost my front tooth.  most of the time he’s super sweet…wut should I do?

Wow.  Where do I even begin?  Randi, love doesn’t hurt nor take out front teeth.  You should not tolerate violence on ANY level.  Your parents hate him for a good reason.  But I bet they hated him before the first hit because of his age.  If you have been with him for 2 years that means you were seeing him when you were 16 and he was 23.  That’s strike one and a red flag.  I’m curious to what your state’s legal age of consent is. There’s so many things wrong with this situation.. even if he has never hit you once he has 3 children at 25 years-old and he has cheated on you and got 2 other ladies pregnant.  Even if he never cheated on you, he beats you.  So there’s nothing “super sweet” about this man.  Also, have you been tested for any diseases?  If he has 2 chicks pregnant at the same time I can only imagine how many other women he’s been with at the same time.  I think the answer is very simple:  GO GET TESTED AND LEAVE HIM ALONE.  But that will only happen once you realize your self-worth.  Once you realize that you’re worth more than broken teeth and a black eye, you won’t even consider a man that’s less than a man.  And anyways YOU’RE TOO DAMN YOUNG to be thinking about marriage.  Go and enjoy life.  Go to the prom if you haven’t already.  Date.  Go to college and have fun.  At 18 me and my girls were in college and partying state-to-state.  None of us thinking about marrying some older man let alone getting beat up by one.  Go enjoy your life…WITHOUT him.


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