Apple delays white iPhone 4…again

First, let me start off by saying that the once self-proclaimed “iHater” has turned into a iPhone owner.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I was talking big ish in “iHate iPhone” post, but remember I was big enough to admit when something is good even when iHate it.  Plus I’m a gadget whore.  How can I keep you abreast of all the funky lil technological shenanigans if I don’t try them out myself?

Anywho, for all of you waiting for the white iPhone 4, plan to keep on waiting.  Again, for the 3rd time, Apple has delayed the release of this white thing of beauty.  Apple has kept quiet about the reasons for delays but there are rumors that there are issues with color matching with the device body and buttons and/or light leaking through the phone since it’s white.  Not sure why it would be so difficult to release a white version of the black one but apparently it is.  Your estimated wait time for the white iPhone is Spring 2011.  Or you can just deal with the black one.  It does the same thing.


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