Highlights of the week

Last week I spent 5 days traveling and missed EVERYTHING.    But I did take some good mental notes that were worthy of a few words or two from the bombshell.  Everything from the stock market to T.I. crying, last week was a good week.


T.I.P. saves the day.  Last week he assists in talking a man off the roof of a midtown Atlanta building, that just so happens to be the home of Atl’s hip hop and R&B radio station V103.  As I traveled through Charlotte and D.C., most if not all of the radio stations had an opinion about T.I.’s random act of kindness.  Most of the radio stations and its callers all believe it was a publicity stunt or T.I. did it in hopes the act would somehow affect his court hearing that was happening the next day.  I don’t know about any publicity stunt but what I do know is it damn sure didn’t help his court date.  Remember when the fool spent a year in prison for the weapons charge, was released earlier this year and then not even 6 months later arrested with his “down ass wife” (laughs out loud) in L.A.?  That probation violation awarded him another 11 months in jail.  Good job TIP! 


Apple Inc. hits new high!


Bottles must have been popping everywhere last week in the Steve Jobs home.  Apple Inc. stock trade price hit $301.50 a share on October 13, 2010.  That’s Apple’s highest trade price ever thanks to the iPad, iPhone and iPod which are still flying off store shelves.


And guess what Wal-Mart started selling on Friday?

That’s right.  The iPad.

Wal-Mart has begun selling all six versions of the iPad on Friday, October 15, 2010.  By November they will have the iPad in  2,000+ stores.  But don’t go running to Wal-Mart thinking you will get the iPad for the low-low.  It will be sold for the same price that the Apple store sells it for.  But this is a big plus for Wal-Mart and Apple sales.  When it began selling the iPhone, Apple saw an 88% increase in sales at the end of 2008.

Bullying hits an all new low

For the most part, I try to walk in love..even when met with ignorance.  But there are some things that throw my love walk right out the window.  I know I’m probably wrong for asking the Lord to give me 5 minutes in a phone booth with this bitch Jennifer Petkov but Lord, please give me 5 minutes in the phone booth with this chick!

33-year-old Jennifer Petkov of Detroit is accused of cyberbullying her 7-year-old DYING neighbor, Kathleen Edwards.  Little Kathleen is dying from Huntington’s Disease and her douche bag neighbor Jennifer, has been bullying her on Facebook.  Jennifer posted pictures of Kathleen’s dead mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper and photoshopped pictures of Kathleen with her eyes closed, tongue rolling out and crossed bones beneath it.    When asked why she did it, “yeah I did it.  For personal satisfaction!”   See why I asked for 5 minutes in a phone booth with this bish??  Later it comes out that this grudge stemmed from Jennifer not being invited to a 8-year-old birthday party last year.  A birthday party..smh.


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