Am I a hypocrite, a fan or both?

As I browse through my WordPress favorites, I land on one of my favorite sister-friends blog,, I was stopped in my tracks by a very nice looking picture of R. Kelly.  She was writing about R’s new song “When A Woman Loves…” and how she was being swept away by it.  Her only problem is she’s not supposed to get swept away since she has banned R. Kelly because of his issues with young girls.  She, like myself, have been in a silent protest over the years.  I admit, it has been a difficult protest for me because I loved me some R.  But I was torn.  Was it him in the infamous pee video with an alleged underage girl?  We do know for a fact he was married very briefly to the very young Aaliyah whose parents made them annul the marriage.  Then there was his interview where he said things that nailed the coffin shut for viewers on his guilt.

So why was I still torn?  Why did I have doubt in my silent “R. Kelly Ban”?  Play any song from that TP-2.Com cd and anything could happen.  Especially with my man.  IJS. *shrugs*  But immediately I would silently scold myself for being in such joy listening to the man.  When his latest cd “Untitled” came out, as I was downloading it on my iPod I was SMH at the same time.   But have you heard “Go Low”?!?  Listen and report back.  See!  See how I try to rationalize this? lol.   Here I was “cheating” on my R. Kelly ban.   Was it because I never viewed the video?  I never will because that makes me guilty.  Viewing child porn is against the law, duh.  So all of you that sat in front of your computer watching that video are a hot ass mess.  Or was it because no one has ever came forward after all these years?  Did I secretly believe R. Kelly wasn’t guilty?  Although I secretly banned him, I still felt some kind of way about publicly banning him.  I was against the bonfires of his cds.  I was constantly in debates with people who steadfastly banned R. Kelly, who was not found guilty of anything, but still supported Roman Polanski films and he’s a CONVICTED felon.  He admitted to drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl, was found guilty and FLED.  But people still support his films and the actors in his films.  I found it hypocritical that we were writing R. Kelly off but still reading Alice and Wonderland and there have always been talks that the author was a child pedophile.  Am I being a hypocrite?

As I continued to read Black Girl Thinking’s blog, I began to think about how vocal I’ve been about Bishop Eddie Long’s guilt…before his day in court.  Why is my protest about R. Kelly silent but my ban on Long loud as hell?  Was it because I’ve been to Long’s church and remember feeling how odd he was and how odd the experience was?  Was it because when I see him around Atlanta I see traits and characteristics that make him suspect to me?  I hate gossip blogs, especially when the writer hasn’t seen it for themselves or the information wasn’t told from someone she trusts, but to keep my blog from going down that path I only speak of things I’ve seen for myself.  With that being said, was I vocal about Long because of other characteristics and actions that make him a hypocrite to me?  Or is it flatly because people have come out, unlike in R. Kelly’s case, and accused Long of things that I’ve always thought about him and picked up from seeing him interact in the flesh?  I dunno.  But what I do know, just like Black Girl Thinking knows, R. Kelly’s new song “When A Woman Loves” is great.  R. Kelly’s musical genius can’t be denied.  So why am I still partly torn about supporting him or not?


6 comments on “Am I a hypocrite, a fan or both?

  1. great post! I known the feeling oh too well. Why some things are acceptable (even though they aren’t acceptable) is still a mystery to me. I too believe Long is guilty, and I wouldn’t set foot in his church after these kind of allegations or watch his television broadcast…yet Im listening to R. Kelly who I truly believe knowingly had sexual relationships with young girls.

    WOW @ Ali’s comment….

    And when it comes to MJ…thats a whole nother blog and I definitely will be posting something on it soon. I hope you do too, because I would love to read it! lol

  2. oh I just noticed you mentioned MJ.. lol. You and I have had FB discussions on’re a supporter of him. We talked about how much we loved him when he died.. This is the same exact situation as r. kelly but in our fb discussion you’re an MJ supporter.. so I say you’re more of the hypocrite..jmo.

  3. am I a hypocrite or the ones that still support KNOWN CONVICTED pedophiles or sexual assaulters. I bet you’ve gone to a movies that has actors that are standing by Polanski’s side.. or better yet, a Roman Polanski movie. who’s the hypocrite? Supporting someone that you don’t know for exact sure he’s guilty or supporting the man who admitted his guilt, was found guilty, sentenced and fled? lol..
    Were you this vocal about MJ? Its the same situation.. a man that was accused of something, no real evidence but a boy who’s mother brought him back to the ranch AFTER this alleged molestation… if I remember correctly, you’re a fan of MJ. whats the difference?

    • not stressing like for real but stressing like beating yourself up about it. and naw roman is a mos def no no. i don’t knowingly support him and in all honestly i feel a certain way about the actors that came out in support of him.

      i dont think mj did what they said he did. but it seems like you are unsure about r kelly. if i was unsure about mj i would like to think i wouldnt support him or listen to his music or even have introduced his music to my children. but you seem like you either dont want to believe it or you dont want to look too deeply into the situation to be shown its true. for me there is no doubt he likes girls.

      and i wasnt comin at you like that. i’m just saying if you like r kelly and vibe off his music and dont wanna let it go embrace it and dont let how others feel about it affect your happiness. thats all i’m saying

  4. yes you are a hypocrite. no doubt about that. i would suggest you stop stressing yourself and just admit you are an r kelly fan who doesnt care that he fucks young girls. i have met a few out there that dont give a rats ass about him pissin or spittin or pooping as long as he releases his (what did you call it?) bonafied genius. many of his fans feel this way. in fact its was so long ago most of them get salty when i bring it up. there really is no use in silently banning something when you openingly dispute the opposite and cheat on your silent ban.
    by the way, what are your thoughts about mj? i noticed you didnt bring him up.

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