Who’s protecting our boys and young men?

My post on Bishop Eddie Long posed a great question from a reader who commented on the blog:  Why are boys not protected?   This is a great question and very mind-boggling to me.  Had Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged victims been female, things would be different.   The reader stated “If I went to a school and posted information about taking young 16, 17 and 18-year-old girls around the world, I would be under the jail.”  He is absolutely correct.  If not under the jail, the powers-that-be would be trying their hardest to get him there. 

This has nothing to do with the possibility of Long being gay.  He can be gay all day because I could care less.  It’s about the double standards when the victims are male and the perpetrator is male.  If the Catholic priests were molesting young girls I do not believe their “punishment” would have just been a move to another Parrish.   Who’s protecting these boys from these abusive gay men?  How come the same fervor that’s seen in pursuing abuse-of-power with female victims not the same when its accounts of gay men attacking boys?   When R. Kelly was accused of sexing young girls, people were on the streets starting bonfires with his CD’s.   Some of those protests were led by black religious leaders.  Where are you now?  How come you’re not in front of New Birth Missionary Church protesting?  Where are the demonstrations for victims of the Catholic church?  You know why there are no demonstrations?  Because the victims are male.   Lets stop forgetting about our boys.


2 comments on “Who’s protecting our boys and young men?

  1. That is such a true observation, that many people don’t speak of. It will take the COMMUNITY to first acknowledge and then respond to once again another taboo subject in our communities.

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