Usain Bolt signs MASSIVE deal with Puma.. smdh!

If you read any of my past posts on Usain Bolt, you know how excited I am about him.   I cheered for him through the entire Olympics and don’t care that I’m not Jamaican.  The man is a prodigy.  Usain has brought that fire and excitement back to track and field that we haven’t seen since the late Flo Jo with her funky nails and track gear.  He’s the fastest man on the planet and he may have just become the richest runner on the planet too.   Reports say that PUMA, who has been backing Bolt since he was 15, put something close to $32.5 million behind him.  Along with that, they’re creating a clothing line with his infamous trademark stance he poses in  at the end of all his races as the emblem.  I love PUMA and I love Usain…I’m like a kid in a candy store right now.  Lightning strikes again.


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