Divorce double standards?

They’re calling Tiger’s divorce “the divorce of the decade”.  I’m actually surprised Mrs. Woods actually left him.  But I have  a strange feeling had the humiliation not been televised, she’d still be right there.  As the reports came in that the divorce was official, it amazed me how emotionally charged women around the world are about Tiger’s indiscretions and poor poor Elin.  But what amazes me more is this  feeling that a woman is ENTITLED to all or half of  her husband’s fortune because of a divorce.  I’m reading comments across the World Wide Web like “she should leave him penniless”, “she should take him to the bank”, “$10 million for each affair”.  Are you kidding me?  Elin didn’t swing a damn club or win a single Masters.  Furthermore, he was half a billionaire when she met him.   Why should she be entitled to half his fortune?  Yeah, so what she was his wife and took care of the kids.  Shit, that’s what she’s supposed to do.  Just like he was supposed to bring home the bacon.   Don’t get me wrong, I do believe she’s entitled to SOME money.  I do not believe the children should have to go to the poor house but neither should the husband who broke his back bringing home those millions.  I don’t care if Tiger slept with half the female population in Canada, Elin should not get half his fortune.

When Britney Spears went spiraling downwards and Kevin filed for divorce no one was saying “Kevin should take her to the bank!” As a matter of fact, he was being called a scumbag for getting alimony.  Why the double standard?  She’s the breadwinner so why isn’t Kevin entitled to half her fortune?

We need to stop crying about being treated as equals but when certain things happen we play the damsel in distress and use the “woman” aspect as a basis to support our claim.  If Elin gets half then so should Kevin.  I bet if we hear more about men talking half our fortune we’ll be singing another tune.


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