Fantasia alleged suicide attempt?

Singer, Fantasia Burrino, has been reportedly admitted to an North Carolina hospital for an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid.  This “alleged” suicide attempt they’re calling it,  is from the overwhelming media pressure about rumors of her having an affair with Antwuan Cook,  a married man and being sued by Paula Cook, his wife.  Apparently, North Carolina allows the wives of cheating husbands to sue the MISTRESS.  Before I get into why I’m irritated about this whole thing, I pray that this girl is ok and recovers physically and emotionally.

Now that Alicia Keys and Swizz are married, those rumors of her dating him while he was still married are obviously true.  Now this rumor with Fantasia.  Alicia just so happened to luck up and get a man who ACTUALLY left his wife.  I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same old song from bishes who date married men.  “I’m not happy at home” and “we’re seperating soon” is the biggest excuse and lie these men use.   Do you value yourself that lowly that when he tells you “yeah, I’m married but we ain’t happy”, you can’t say “well when you actually LEAVE your wife, give me a call.”?   WTF is wrong with you chicks?  Yes the men are trifling too but I’m not talking to them because if chicks weren’t readily available to reduce themselves down to being a mere side bitch or having their hands out to take sloppy seconds, then these men wouldn’t have the opportunity to cheat.   At least let the divorce papers be filed and he’s living outside the damn house!

What irritates me even more is when we act like we don’t know.  All the red flag are waving in the air like they’re in the middle of a hurricane.  You don’t have his home number and you only hook up at your house or hotels.  He still lives in the damn house!  You believed him when he told you that he sleeps in a different room?  You believed him when he told you they weren’t having sex anymore?  LOL!  Come on now.  Don’t be a stupid bish your ENTIRE life.  Or what about when chicks use the excuse “well, if the wife was doing her job” or “I’m not responsible for breaking up the was already broken”?  Is that how you convince yourself that dating a married a man is cool? 

Brian Dickens, Fantasia’s manager, says in a statement on Monday, “she will weather this storm with dignity and grace.”  Dignity and Grace wouldn’t have got her in this position from the beginning.


One comment on “Fantasia alleged suicide attempt?

  1. Well Said, Well Said. This is an epidemic. I still have no respect for Alicia Keys or anyone that allows themselves to be taken by a married man. The execution of the courting process counts and all the excuses that these women use they know are crazy. Women are always accused of being natural detectives so you cann’t tell me that they don’t know when a man is still living at home when he only sleeps with you in hotels or at your place!!Give me a break..I feel you Bombshell!!

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