Ground Zero is the PERFECT place for an Islamic Community Center. Yeah, I said it.

I probably will lose followers and readers behind this but that’s why I blog and don’t write for the NY Times so I can control what goes from pen to paper. Well in this case,  fingers to keyboard.

I’m not going to go down memory lane.  We all remember 9/11.  Before 9/11 most ignorant people (before you get your panties in a bunch, there’s only something wrong with being unaware and uninformed when you chose not to become aware and informed) had a negative view on Islam and Muslims.  You were never forced to learn anything about them so you were ignorant to the culture.  Then there are you IGNORANT ones who want to know nothing about the culture so you can keep up with your hateful mindset.  The media, western media that is, also played a good role in keeping you scared.  All the media and the people who breed hate needed was 9/11 to solidify their stance in their hatred of this culture.

It’s estimated that 25%-30% of this world’s population is Muslim.  It’s the 2nd largest religion on the planet.  But yet throughout history, since our existence, most wars/religious wars and evil were done behind what religion?  I’ll let you figure it out, but it wasn’t Islam.  But I won’t even go there.  The point I’m trying to make is that the media has portrayed the religion and its followers as a religion of evil.  9/11, suicide bombers, the cover picture of the new Time Magazine with Muslim lady whose nose is cut off, Bin Laden, Hussein and all the other images used to brainwash and convince the masses to think a certain way is not even 1% of the Muslim world population.  That means the rest of the 29% of this religion and culture are law-abiding, good, loving, caring, Allah fearing, human beings.  They are not walking around with bombs strapped to their jock strap.  They condemned 9/11.  They were anti-Saddam.  They all do not hate America although we have not been truly that great to them.. but I won’t go there either.

Pay attention to the protests and what you people who are against this are saying.  Listen to your statements.  There’s a church that’s organizing a “Burn a Qur’an Day”.  Really?  Burn a Qur’an Day?   Most of the arguments I’ve read on blogs, online, watched on TV, are based out of pure ignorance and hatred.  If you don’t want a Mosque at ground zero then you think that all of Islam is to blame for ground zero.  How is that logical or fair?   Aren’t most of you the same ones that cry “We weren’t slave owners. We didn’t lynch blacks. Stop blaming us for something we didn’t do”?  Isn’t this the SAME exact thing you’re doing now?  You have grouped almost 2 billion people and linked them to the act of 8 people on those planes and the dozen of so on ground that helped them pull it off. You let news outlets dictate what you will learn.  Ground Zero is the perfect place for this community center because it can debunk your ignorant thinking.  What else is a better way to conquer ignorance?  What else is a better way to conquer hate and racism?   By informing the uninformed.  By educating the uneducated and the MISeducated.  A community center will raise awareness and open eyes.  Go in there and sit down and actually have a conversation with someone of that faith.  I bet most of you have never even said “hello” to a Muslim but you have an opinion of the entire religion.  Turn off CNN and Fox, go to a library and pick up a book on Islam and READ.  The Muslim family that moved next door to you, introduce yourself.  I guarantee that you will learn that Muslims have some of the same faith-based beliefs that you practice: not to murder, not to judge, to serve a higher being, to love their neighbor, to walk in line with a higher being.

Even if there are 1 million Islamic extremists on the planet, that leaves one billion five hundred sixty-nine million Muslims left over that are not.  Come on people.  I dare you to educate yourself.

Oh wait.  One more thing.  So should churches not be allowed to be built anywhere in the U.S.?  Their folks brutalized, tortured and murdered blacks and Native Americans all in the name of Christianity in every city for hundreds of years.


7 comments on “Ground Zero is the PERFECT place for an Islamic Community Center. Yeah, I said it.

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m ignorant, however they could build something else there. I understand your point on slavery, but u don’t exactly see the first street baptist church being built on the platation either, nor do u see Martin luther king, jr. High school being built where they sold slaves!! So why start wit that??

    • They had slave auctions in the middle of city streets from Boston to Birmingham.. and there are MLK schools in those same areas. The same for some of these churches you referenced to. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m calling people ignorant that are uninformed of the Islamic faith but yet based an opinion on the entire religion. If someone doesn’t want it there then they have essentially linked and grouped the ENTIRE population of muslims as one.

      • Also, they wouldn’t be “starting there”. I’m not sure of your race but as you can see I’m black. There are statues, mosques, buildings named after slave owners and murderers in the middle of black communities. Isn’t that the “start” you’re talking about?

        • Shell,
          You are missing the point. The issue is not about accepting or rejecting the Muslim faith. Nor is it about ignorance. It is about insensitivity. The wounds are way too fresh and have not healed yet. If the Muslim community had any respect for the victims and their families they would find a more suitable location for this mosque. You could do with a trip down memory lane to refresh your memory.

          • Mia,

            The wounds will never heal. And no I don’t need to do a trip down memory lane because I actually knew someone who died there. You’re the one missing the point to think that the ENTIRE MUSLIM community needs to pay for the act of a dozen pricks. Listen to most of the arguments people are making. Its based out of hatred and pure ignorance. PERIOD. After whites bombed Tulsa, OK in the 30’s was it insensitive for them to build their buildings and statues of their culture throughout their city? No, because the entire white race was not responsible for that attack. If Germans wanted to build something that was in an area that Jews were slaughtered in by the hands of some of their bad people, is that insensitive? No, because not all of them were responsible for the Holocaust. Listen to what you’re saying “if the muslim community had any respect”.. again putting something on the ENTIRE GROUP. I bet you don’t think we’re insensitive to the many things we do globally and then step foot on their land and enforce our rules and laws lol. Please.

              • it definitely surrenders the mind.. but I wouldn’t say they’re all evil lol. But one thing for sure, Christianity has been the root for some of the most horrific things this planet has’s history has always been conquering a people and forcing them into christianity brutally…but yet Islam is evil.

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