Maia Campbell back in jail

It breaks my heart to hear stories of young, promising people spiraling out of control.  We first saw Maia’s train wreck in that video that surfaced of her in sitting in a car going on what it looked like, a drug induced rant.  Still, to this day, I have a hard time believing that was her because she looked so bad.

It looks like Maia is in some trouble.  She was arrested  for alleged drug antics and has been in a jail in California since July 5th with a bail for 40k.  We all remember Maia from the sitcom “In The House” that starred LL Cool J.  She’s also the daughter of the late BeBe Moore Campbell.  Her mother’s death is rumored to have been the trigger of this downfall for Maia who suffers from bipolar disorder.  Hopefully this fall from grace isn’t permanent.

There are so many things that are “taboo” in the black community.  Mental health and mental health disorders are one of them.  Instead of the disparaging blogs and Youtube comments about Maia, we need to be praying for her.  Let that horrible video of her be the spark you need to talk to a professional or help your loved one with his or her issues.


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