A New Face in Gaming?

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Living most of my life in my hometown of Boston, I never got to experience a black college football game until I moved to Atlanta.  I learned immediately that there were “classic” rivalry games that take place every year in Atlanta that are a must go to event.  My first game was most definitely an experience.

The video game industry is nearly a 40 Billion dollar industry.  But the one thing that’s missing is diversity.  Less than 2% of the developers and owners are African American.

Jacqueline Beauchamp, CEO of Nerjyzed Entertainment, pronounced like “Energized”, joined this industry to hopefully change that.  Nerjyzed is the first African American owned gaming studio to create a game for a major console.  Black College Football the Experience, also known as BCFX, can be experienced on XBOX 360.  If you are a current student, former student or have just attended an HBCU (Historically Black College and University) football game then you should know what BCFX is all about.  It’s a wonderful marriage of football, rhythm based music, halftime shows that’ll blow you away and phenomenal drumlines.  Consumers can also learn more about HBCU’s and what great football players came from them such as Jerry Rice who attended Mississippi Valley State and Walter Payton who was an Jackson State University alumni.

But just because it’s a game that focuses on the black college experience doesn’t mean it’s only for African Americans.  If you love football, gaming and music, then this game is for you.  Black College Football the Experience can be purchased anywhere games are sold.  For more information on the game and Nerjyzed Entertainment http://video.blackenterprise.com/services/player/bcpid1670081878?bctid=54970702001


2 comments on “A New Face in Gaming?

  1. Sometimes I wish I would have attended an HBCU. How would my life have been different in that type of culture??

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