Top 10 slasher movies of all time (via The Movie Brothers)

With all my tough girl exterior I possess, I’m still a punk when it comes to a good scary movie. I jump, I’m nervous, I’m biting my nails.. I’m a COMPLETE mess. This list is the epitome of scary movie. There are some on this that I still have not been able to sit entirely through because of my nerves.

To bad they don’t make movies like this anymore. I tried to think of great slashers of today and couldn’t come up with anything. Can you?

The Movie Brothers nailed this!  Read on…

Top 10 slasher movies of all time Brian Oh how we love seeing the sexually active camp counselors getting slashed in their tent, the shaky-handed sidekick who enters a dark room they have no business going in, or a slasher raise from the dead for the 20th time. This is a fun list to do because my brother and I have always been huge fans of slasher films.  Once we were old enough, we would convince our Mom to sign us in at the R-rated screenings so we could see the newest sequels … Read More

via The Movie Brothers


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