Sunset Lounge “Day Party” returns for 4th of July celebration

Who says you have to party at 12 midnight anymore?  The “day party” is a great concept.  I get it.  Sunset Lounge, a group of young forward thinking entrepreneurs, has brought a fairly new concept to the forefront of Atlanta’s “night life”, now “day life”.  Whether this group is the first to do it, that’s up for debate but regardless, they are doing it.

Hundreds of people come together at Shout Restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta for this day party for good food, good music and good times.  I’m not sure if I experienced that this time.  It could have been the fact that it was 1000 degrees outside and we’re sitting on a rooftop at high noon or that there were just way to many women there or I wonder if I’m just getting old?  Scratch that.  I’m not old.  But it was 1000 degrees out and there was way to much estrogen in the building.   I guess that works out for you men but I prefer to be around some testosterone…cute testosterone at that.   The music was descent but not great.  I’m not sure if they changed the DJ but I remember being very pleased about the music at the last one I attended.

If you read my first review of this event back in September ’09, I almost wrote this event off because of Shout.  I felt that Shout being understaffed for this groups event was a sign of disregard and disrespect and the manager on duty that time had a horrible attitude.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a positive review about Shout this time around and I’m not surprised.  I’m assuming that Sunset Lounge and Shout made arrangements for this event months in advance so why is the waitstaff unaware of ANYTHING?  No one had any clue if the event had any drink specials.  They weren’t aware of any food specials.  When we asked our waiter about it, he asked another waiter standing at another table and that waiter didn’t know.  So that waiter asked another waiter across the patio and that waiter didn’t know.  We arrived there when doors open to avoid the crowd and the wait for food and drinks.  We still had to wait a long period of time for our drinks.  Some of the food that was ordered came out room temperature.  But this is how Shout is on a regular day.  I’ve honestly never had a positive experience at this place.

At the end of the day, kudos for Sunset Lounge and their day party.  They have a huge following so expect a large turnout if you decide to go to their events.  They opened the doors right on time and didn’t play that “lets keep the line waiting” game that most of these promoters and venue participate in.  They had someone passing out free hand towels and t-shirts.  Sunset Lounge staff/affiliates were pleasant.  If they bring back the previous DJ, bring in more testosterone and LEAVE SHOUT RESTAURANT, then I’ll be back.  Until then, lights out for me on this day party.  Although I will not return if they continue to patronize Shout, I still recommend this event.  Experience the Day Party yourself.

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