When I hear reports of 60,000 barrells of oil are spilling into the ocean a day, it pisses me off.  Our water, our wildlife, our citizens well-being is out the window.  What pisses me off even more are the lies.   I was born on a Tuesday… but not LAST Tuesday.  I hate being talked to like I’m Boo-Boo the Fool.  How we went from a couple of thousands of barrells to now 60,000 is beyond me.  Actually, it’s not.  They merely just lied.   Everyone who jumped on the anti-Obama wagon because of his initial response to the spill negated to hold BP responsible for the information, well the lack of, they gave the Obama administration.  Let us also not forget that the Federal Government’s job on regulating this industry has been disasterous WAY before Obama got into office.   The same people that make sure this industry is lucrative are the same people that make sure what takes place is done ethically.  Talk about a god damn conflict of interest.

3 regulatory changes were made within 24 hours before this disaster.  One of them being approved within 5 minutes of the request.  There were corners being cut, period.  This in itself is criminal negligence.  If I decide to drive 100 mph on a 55mph road all to get to work 20 minutes earlier and in that process I run over and kill 17 people, take out the fire hydrant, Fido who was taking a leak at that hydrant, a park bench and bus stop stand, how am I not criminally responsible for those deaths and that damage?

The failure to use reasonable care to avoid consequences that threaten or harm the safety of the public and that are the foreseeable outcome of acting in a particular manner.

That’s the legal definition of “criminal negligence”.

But what boils my blood even more is the money that our government is spending behind this mess.  As tight as we are on cash, we now have to spend money on a man made disaster.  A disaster rooted in greed.   Obama is making BP set aside $20 Billion but that’s not enough.  We will pay for this even more in the long run someway.  Whether it’s skyrocketed oil rates, oil rich countries benefitting, operational cost..whatever.  These douchebags at BP should not only set aside the $20 Billion, but they should payback whatever we’ve already paid, future damages and future future damages.  If that means BP collapses, oh-f*cking-well!

Then there’s the smoking gun:  BP and Goldman sold off 35%  and 44% of their shares before the explosion.  POW! 


And F all of you still going to their gas stations!


13 comments on “FU BP!

  1. Well folks it looks like the fall guy is becoming what he signed on to do for the anglo-americans. It is interesting that the Biggest British company in the world has orchestrated this disaster to epic proportions. Noone seems to realize that the race to the bottom to save money and increase profits is the reason for this disaster. Everyone is guilty in this one. Watch the movie “THE CORPORATION” and why it was created. It was created so that there were no moral ethics to abide by as personally we aren’t responsible then… Well with the amount of oil under the gulf, the gulf will become black and then red with the blood of the american, british and any other peoples(not gov’t)decision to destroy other cultures for the right to drive our SUV’s. When there is no food left for the world including us and we are all dead along with all the planets animals and fish, thanks everyone who decided that they weren’t responsible for what is happening today in the gulf. Stand up and be responsible and whatever resonates in your World, it is time.

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  3. Ok I have a little more time now. Let me explain my position. I believe every president since Kennedy has been bought and paid for scum. There was a coup in this country in the 60’s where leaders who advocated real change and human rights were eliminated. Those in control have been perfecting “the smoke and mirrors” for 50 years now. They got it down. After 8 torturous years of the Bush regime. The powers that be see the people will no longer stand for the in your face FU stripping of the constitution, the illegal wars, torture, etc… Etc… These are very smart and evil people who own the media and are very good at manipulating the American public opinion. How do they keep it all going but with a kinder face (much like Clinton) that appeals to the uppity minorities as well? They give us everything we want to hear and see in Obama. He will get us out of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He will get us all single payer universal health care. He will regulate the financial industry/ wallstreet etc… etc… He said all these things while campaigning. What has he done? He got us out of Iraq, so he says. 100,000 troops remain and at least 15 permanent colossal military bases. He escalated the war in Afghanistan. He got healthcare to pass? Single payer was dropped and that was all that mattered. The rest of the bill is great for the insurance companies isn’t it? Billions and billions of dollars for the “too big to fail banks” while the unemployed lose their houses, go homeless, and live in tents. And all the while Obama feigns that at least he is trying to do something. I say bullshit, you know and I know he could be doing much, much, much more. Even with this apocalyptic oil spill. He yelled at BP and said you better pay up BP, all the while working behind the scenes with BP on a settlement that is suitable to BP reps. that makes me feel so much better that he yelled at BP while the only ocean we have on this earth is at risk of extinction. Obama’s reaction is a f’in joke. He’s only the president of the United States he can’t do anything about it give him a chance. This is why I say we are doomed. We don’t recognize the enemy is right in front of our eyes and have been for years. Not only Obama, but the whole corporate fascist system. “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Musolini.

  4. BP is the worst!!!!!!!!!!But I can’y say I completely blame Obama. After reading another readers comments, it seems that everyone is always looking to blame Obama for everything that goes wrong. Obama is the 1st president in my day that stands for something, I haven’t seen or felt the bull that all the other presidents have lived by. I agree with the 6foot bombshell!!, Obama has nothing to do with the dag on oil spill!!!, But he now has to help facilitate the cleaning up of the mess, thank you!!

  5. Just a quick reply, to clarify what i was saying. I didn’t say he was the cause of the problem at all. That’s definately not what I was saying. I am saying he is the problem, he is them, he represents them. Don’t buy the marketing of the Obama. It’s a lie. He is the military industrial complex.

  6. Let me finish for you because you obviously can’t say it. FU Obama, you lying uncle Tom house boy for Goldman Sachs, Israel, BP, and any other coperation ruining the world. Let’s face it Obama is a fake and owned and if you can’t see that you’re blind. Time for the brothers and sister to wake up and see that he ain’t no Malcom X or Martin Luther. He ain’t even Al Shapton. Not even close. By the way before you label me as rascist, white boy, republican let me say I’m no “conservative republican” I don’t buy in to the false left right paradigm. It’s all smoke and mirrors and profts$$$ baby and until we see we are all in this together as in us against them. We are doomed and going in circles. Peace

    • Why would you assume that I think you’re a racist? What did our parents tell us about assuming JJ? Let’s get one thing straight.. I don’t buy into any divisive group whether it’s right or left wing. At the end of the day Obama is a politician and who compared him to MLK or X on this blog?
      Further more, the tone of your reply sounds like what the right-wing or is it left-wing, are screaming and you scream that you don’t follow either. BWhat’s blinding is the fact that people think Obama is the cause of all of this. He cause the economic collapse, he caused the oil spill, he caused 9/11 and he wasnt’ even in office yet lol. The smoking mirrors are the ppl who believe in what the government is saying. It sounds like you are smart enough not fall for the okie doke but come on dude, we’re doomed becasue of Obama?!?! His 1.5 years in office has somehow erased 300 hundred years of this countries wicked ways?!? I know you don’t believe that. From your reply, you’re to smart to. But I do agree that everything about the gov’t is smoking mirrors, proproganda and whatever else. But blaming O for EVERYTHING is another form as well.

      But enough of Obama.. this oil spill has absolutely nothing to do with him. BP and whoever their cohorts are should be held 100 accountable. This is completely their fault, period. Well, I take that back a little. LIke I said in my post the fed gov’t regulation on this industry has been shady before O was even born. He’s been in the office for almost 2 years and he was supposed to fix everythng all at once? Oh wait, remember he tried to do a few things and they said he was doing to much. Let’s give the power of a failing country to a black man and then say ‘see, we toldy ou so’. This has been a practice..

        • Justin..so are you the type of person that puts the blame on someone else? Who’s fault is this other than BP’s and their cohorts? I’m full of hot air because I don’t buy the bullshit lies BP told from the very beginning? Peon please! LOL.. I won’t even waste a full response on you. Go somewhere peasant

          • JJ hit the nail on the head!!! Can’t wait until ppl stop thinking that our favorite political figures, Obama esp., can do no wrong.

            Wake up & open your eyes folks…look into the history of major disasters and see how it panned out for gov’t, corporations, and the rich long term as well as short….

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