iHate iPhone

I’m Apple and AT&T’s official iPhone hater.  So you know I was ecstatic to hear about the new iPhone 4G.


Rumored to be released in July, the new iPhone 4G has already been pre-ordered by 600,000 people, crashing Apple’s and AT&T’s systems today.   I remember when the first iPhone was released and hundreds of thousands of people packed the stores to pay whatever the price was only to see it for like $200 cheaper a month later.  Didn’t we learn anything from that?  You 600,000 should have waited a few months or years and got it at Wal-Mart for the reported $99 it’s now selling the 3G for.  Well that’s what I would have done if I wasn’t on #TeamBlackberry and #TeamDroid.

Although I’m an admitted iHater, I’m still mature enough to give props when it’s due.   Of course the obvious 4G status will allow voice, data and streaming multimedia at a much faster speed.  There’s also speculation that the 1GHz Az processor that’s in the new iPad has made it to the phone.  Which makes the power and the speed of this mobile computing a BEAST.  Apple had to step it up since the Droid Incredible’s processor smashed the iPhone 3G.     The ability to create folders on the home screen and multitasking are now available (another thing Droid Incredible smashed Apple on).  Instead of going through pages and pages of applications they can now sit in a folder on your home screen.  You will also be able to run multiple apps all at once.   The iPhone Gods have answered the prayers of many of its owners with these 2 new features.

iHate to say it but I can’t stop there.  This phone gets better and better with the more research I do.  Steve Jobs claims the megapixel resolution “is higher than the maximum pixel density that the human retina can differentiate.”  But there’s an eye expert on record saying that Jobs claim is straight marketing puffery.  The 4G will have a 5 megapixel, 5x zoom FRONT facing camera, 20% larger battery than the 3G, it records video in HD, Bing has been added, iBooks, thinnest smartphone on the market, stainless steel, glass, scratch resistant… I can keep going and going and going.  The phone is a monster.

Don’t be a iHater like me.  Go get this phone if you’re on AT&T.  I will continue with my better service and larger network at Verizon. *shrugs*


5 comments on “iHate iPhone

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  2. Haha too true. Although yes I do own an iphone 3G *cowers*, I feel like Apple manipulates its consumers.

    The release of an iphone 3GS a few months later with nothing but a software upgrade and inflated price? Ingenious profiteering from appleophiles!

    I’ve just put down some thoughts on my blog about the iPad. Horrendous.

    • OH let’s not even talk about the iPad! I’m convinced its an oversized iPhone that looks kind of ridiculous lol.

      I call Apple “evil doers” lol… they’re wicked! lol

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