All Eyez On Me

Finally!  Antoine Fuqua, the director of Training Day, has confirmed that he will do a Tupac biopic.   After a two-year legal battle between Tupac’s mother and a production company, Fuqua has been given the right to work his magic.

Last year many of you ran to the theaters to see Biggie Smalls biopic, Notorious.  I was running with you.  I LOVE Biggie much more than I enjoyed that film but it served its purpose.   It was entertaining.  Although I love Biggie to death and think his Ready to Die album is one of the greatest albums in hip hop, did he need a biopic?  No.  *ducks*  His body of work nor his life was biopic certified.  I’m sorry.  What should have been a movie is his death, the cover ups and the mishandling and corruption from the police. 

I feel a little differently about Tupac.  We have a son of former Black Panthers, his godfather is Geronimo Pratt, he spent most of his time in his mother’s womb behind bars, he studied jazz, ballet and poetry at a Baltimore school for arts, he’s in the  Guinness Book of World Records for the highest selling rap artist in history,  he was probably the most misunderstood rapper of our time, and his untimely unsolved murder.  People have testified that his I.Q. level was much higher than the average person.  Pac was brilliant.  Lets not forget his performance in “Juice”.  I remember getting chills watching specific scenes of that movie.  His double cd, “All Eyez On Me” was phenomenal.  That’s biopic worthy.

Fuqua begins this long overdue journey in September.  But do not expect an all-star cast.  He’s looking for fresh new talent to play Pac and the rest of the cast.  I CAN NOT WAIT!


6 comments on “All Eyez On Me

  1. Some idiots just don’t get it, like my boyfriend who couldn’t see the actual substance of this line on your article “… was phenomenal. That&#8217s biopic worthy.Fuqua begins this long overdue journey in September. But …” this is it, you just smashed it down buddy.

  2. I think that this is a valid blog. As much as we have come to love people when is it time to make movies out of their life stories. I think after we see them making strides in changing the worls through just causes. I love Biggie and I love 2pac…But they both disappoint me as I look back from an older age. all that crap that 2pac talked as he moved on in his career. what happened to what he was talking about in 2pacalyse now..his first album?I do believe that they were both gifted artist though, just cut down before coming full circle.

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  4. I love and miss Tupac. Although I was quite young when he was at his prime (and probably had no business listening to half of his albums), I somehow managed to convince my mom of his greatness, of his specialness. His was the only rap album she would allow – if she only knew how much cursing he actually did. When he died, I hurt. And as I grew older, as I learned more about him – not the artist, but him – I longed for him to fill the void he left in the world of hip-hop. Well, in the world period. Thanks for bringing the news of this upcoming biopic – I cannot wait and will definitely be front and center at the movie theater.

  5. I LOVE any woman that loves 2Pac…PERIOD!!!!! I grew up in the Bay Area, I know the side stories, the true stories of the legendary: Poet, Actor, Rapper, Activist, Revolutionary, Author, and I’m sure others can add to the list. He was, what hip hop should be: Intense, Raw, Real, Emotional, Passionate, Intelligent, Probing and at times destuctive. For we ALL must be destroyed, before we can be built back up…

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