Alicia Keys is Prego

Alicia’s camp has confirmed her pregnancy by mega producer and boyfriend, Swizz Beats.  Oh it gets better.  AND they’re engaged.  HOORAY! *sarcasm*

Many you are aware that this relationship was in a little bit of controversy.  I tried not to believe everything I was hearing but I think Alicia WAS dating this man when he was still married.  Which doesn’t sit to well with me since her entire body of music has been about being a positive role model to young girls.  Her whole image has been this image of grace, positivity and characteristics worthy of being looked up to and emulated.  Not if you’re dating a married man.  That’s not to be emulated.

Her and Swizz Beats plan to wed later this year.  Congrats? *shrugs*

I guess you guys did do the UNTHINKABLE…and YES you look crazy.


5 comments on “Alicia Keys is Prego

    • It takes two to tango…can’t interfere with a marriage unless @ least one partner allows it. She is dead wrong but it was he who broke the promise he made to his wife…shame on them BOTH.

  1. But is she really THAT young? She’s gotta be 30 or very close to 30. It’s not like we’re talking about a 19 year old. As for him, I watched him in the studio talking candidly to another producer and of course he was saying things like “no one person came in and ended 10years of marriage”.. basically saying that their marriage was rocky for years and that Alicia isn’t the cause of the divorce but he didn’t say “i was not messing with her while we were still married”. Honestly, listening to him talk what I got was that since the marriage was having problems it didnt’ matter that he was messing with Alicia and that he didn’t expect to fall hard for her. He said that Alicia was his soulmate.

  2. yo, for real. i look at her personal life like i look at her body of music. she’s young. she hasn’t learned that when you say something with your mouth you must do it with your actions. she stil thinks love is a reason when really its just an excuse. i’m more interested in seeing what old boy is going to do.

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