Pac-man makes the headlines

No, Pacman Jones isn’t in the news again.  This time the real Pac-Man has made the headlines.

This brings back so many childhood memories!  Was anyone else addicted to Pac-Man like me?  I remember feeling like I had an early case of Carpels Tunnel Syndrome at 10 years old.  Even today, when I go to an arcade I look for that yellow machine first.  As I give the list of “top scorers” the evil eye and the mad scientist laugh, I pull out my $20 roll of quarters and begin to take out each and everyone on that list as if my life depends on it.  Well, at least I try to.

Released 30 years ago in Japan by NAMCO developer Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man came to the U.S. in the fall of 1980 and instantly became a pop-culture sensation.  Then his homegirl, Ms. Pac-(wo)Man arrived in 1981.  Navigating the little yellow “thing” around the screen as it took in all the dots, fought off 4 of his or her ghostlike arch nemesis and gobbled up cherries, strawberries and bananas, you could easily spend hours upon hours on this thing.  It was never-ending.  Then in 1999 a Florida man became the first to ever “beat” the game.  He achieved the perfect score of 3, 333, 360.  And I thought I was addicted.  Geesh.

Happy 30th birthday Pac-Man.  Wow.  I’m truly showing my age.

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