Miss America 2010..is she Muslim or “just” Arab-American? Who the #%!$ cares?!

Rimah Fakih, a Lebanese-American citizen, is the new Miss America.  The enormity of this is naturally the fact that a Arab-American won this pageant.  We know the history of the women in most Arab countries are covered from head to toe, so this new image is bothersome to a few.  Then you have the pricks who have an issue with the fact she’s an Arab.  People do not think a Muslim girl should be representing America.  I can take the time and rip their ignorant ass apart and by Sunday of NEXT week as they sit in their trailer park home, their mansion or their penthouse overseeing the city, it dawns on their dumb ass that they were just ripped a new one, but since the Celtics are 2 games away from sending Orlando home, I’m in the spirit of forgiving and will spare them their pride.  Just then one time, though.  I’m not a killer but don’t push me *said like Pac*.


Congrats to my Arab sisters for winning the crown.   I’m not into pageants and don’t really understand the passion behind it, but its  not for me to understand because it’s not my passion.  If someone wants to be “Miss fill-in-the-country”, then go right ahead.  But why does it seem like the second the crown is placed on the winners head some “controversial” pictures of the newly crowned are suddenly released to the public?  It’s almost like some bitter ex-boyfriend or jealous ass girlfriend is sitting in their basement at their computer desk, index finger pointed and ready to hit the ‘send’ button right as they hear…….and….the….winner……….is……………………  They damn near broke their finger sending off those pictures.  Apparently Rimah’s set has suddenly appeared.  Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t have a problem with the pictures.

“The Miss USA Pageant and the Miss Universe Pageant just got renewed for three years by NBC,the ratings have been terrific. We are in a different age. They are a little bit sexy but I’ll tell you what — everybody’s watching so I have no problems with it. If you look at Miss America, it’s now off network television and we’re doing better than ever so I really have no problem with it.”

Well he shouldn’t have a problem with them nor shall the rest of the no life having losers who have called and email the Pageant demanding her crown be relinquished because the so-called “controversial” pictures came from the PAGEANT itself.  Get a life everybody.

But pageant girls, I need you to step your nudie picture game up.  If you know your goal is Miss America then you should think twice about turning that camera phone on yourself and sending the picture to your jealous and obsessive boyfriend that you will break up with the minute you start winning some pageants.  Or how about a disclaimer?  When you get asked “how do you plan to save the world?”  You should start the answer with this:  “First, I’d like to say I made some mistakes when I was younger.  I may have taken some pictures and sent them to my boyfriend.  I thought I’d just put that out there.”  Then look into the camera and tell your boy “I beat you, now what?”

HA!  I crack myself up sometimes.  Even when you’re not laughing, I am and that is all that matters.

People are acting like this was a Carrie Prejean repeat.  You remember Miss California who said she disagrees with same-sex marriage and just like that she was de-crowned.  To this day she still claims it was because of that comment.  No bish, it’s because there’s a video and photo’s of you hoeing.

Tell me what you think of Rimah’s “racy” pictures.  I don’t see anything wrong with them.  ESPECIALLY since the Pageant took the pictures.  The girl is gorgeous, a little to thin, but she’s beautiful and the picture is tasteful and sexy.

These 2 below are considered the “controversial” ones and the ones they want her crown relinquished for.  Are you serious?  Go hang yourself.

Disclaimer:  First, I’d like to say I made some mistakes in my day.  I may have taken some pictures and sent them to my boyfriend (s).  I thought I’d just put that out there.   – Anjie3000

LMAO!  Now that was funny… true but funny.  lol.


3 comments on “Miss America 2010..is she Muslim or “just” Arab-American? Who the #%!$ cares?!

  1. Those ‘pricks’ are right. She shouldn’t be miss america. The name is ‘MISS AMERICA’.. that says it all.

    • See… I stated in my blog it was the season of forgiving but clearly you must have skipped over that.

      What do you mean “the name is MISS AMERICA that says it all”? Where are you from? Better yet, where is your grandmother or great grandmother from? Just like most of the people here, I bet your ancestors are from somewhere else. This countries entire existence has always been the migration of immigrants from their homeland to this land. It kills me how you people operate on this double standard of living. It’s ok for your ancestors to have migrated here but anyone from a country or ethnic background that you HATE, can’t? Would you have had a problem if she was Irish-American? Or Italian-American? From the tone of of your comment, as sure as my name is Anjie3000, I bet you would not. If she was from a non-Muslim territory, would you still have an issue? Something tells me you would not. And that’s the part that kills me the most because I can EASILY EEAASSSILLYYY go in on the religious aspect of this. To actually have an issue with the Muslim religion but not have one with Christianity? If anyone knows the REAL history, Christianity roots has very little to be proud of. But only stupid people are influenced by the media’s tactical practices of demeaning cultures. Only stupid people think the entire Muslim religion is a crew of suicide bombers that our media outlets ONLY report about.

      Racism/hat/prejudice whatever you want to call it, is unfortunately apart of the fabric of this country and ignorant people like you keep sewing. Go walk into traffic.

  2. I am with you, she is very pretty. I missed the show..however I kept hearing all kinds of stuff and your are right happens every time. And I am like what girl don;t have a pic that they may not be proud of today. or then again they are proud of them. What do they have to do with what one is doing. Yes the pictures are tasteful..look like just having fun..in fact I want a pic to :). People just don’t have anything better to do..Also I am with you on the racial profiling thing. If not blowing up, killing, stealing, kidnapping,or soliciting for murder then I am for whomever is positive and race, color,religion and all that good stuff do not matter…Do you thing girl.

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