Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape

Former New York Giants linebacker and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was arrested for an alleged rape.

But it gets worse. *sigh*

The victim is 16-years old.  The police are saying Rasheed Davis, believed to be her pimp, met the runaway at a bus stop back in March.  He moves her in, as they usually do and she becomes his “property”.  Thursday he drives the teen against her will to Taylor’s room at the Holiday Inn where she is told to have sex with him.  Rasheed hands her over to Taylor after she refuses and Taylor hands over $300.  SMH.

I hope this isn’t true but it’s not looking good for my man Taylor.  While this “exchange” was taking place the teen was texting her uncle for help spelling out EXACTLY what was happening.  Modern day technology will get your ass hemmed up.

But I need some questions answered.

Did he know she was a minor?

Did he know this douche bag, Rasheed Davis?

All the FREE LEGAL NON-RESISTANT  booty he probably still gets thrown at him by groupies, why is he taking it and paying for it?

Furthermore..what the hell is he doing at the Holiday Inn?  :-/

I’m just saying…*shrugs*


2 comments on “Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape

  1. Sounds terrible to me,>>>>as in set up and he fell for it. You know they knew who he was..and game is written all over this..So it is an arrest record and civil suit for damages..or some form of pay out..hummmmmmmmmmm. interesting. People will get money anyway they can and it appear no matter how much money or status you have, common sense has left the building. Our men of color need to learn to think with the head on their neck. He chose so he has to deal with the consequences good or bad..that is what I tell mine every chance I get. Hopefully they will think before they act.

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