Another Berry Bites the Dust

*plays violin*

The beautiful Halle Berry is apart of the gossip buzz again because of her recent break up from her boyfriend of 5 years, model Gabriel Aubry.  We all know her history.  Busted ear drum from singer; a black eye from a baseball player; and a so called “sex addicted” ex-husband that sings.  Most people are asking themselves, “what’s wrong with Halle?  She must be the one with the problem to have all these failed relationships.”

Chile please!  What’s wrong with you?  How many wack ass dudes or chicks have you dated or married?  Probably countless.  Why is it assumed that a woman this beautiful, that can’t keep a man, must be the one with the problem?  Maybe the man who busted her ear drum and blackened her eye is the problem! WTH!  *stepping off soapbox*

But I maybe eating my words soon.  Sources are saying that Halle has been heard calling him a loser because the restaurant he opened, failed and because he only makes 700k a year.  She is being quoted as saying things like “I’m an Oscar-winning actress.. you’re just a model.”

Euuuwwwww Halle.  That’s not cute.


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