Get out of here Mexicans…you’re not wanted

It doesn’t sound so good when you read it, does it?  Or maybe it does sound good to the supporters of what’s happening in Arizona.  I figured it would sound good to you pricks.

Last week Arizona Governor signed Senate Bill 1070 into law making it a state crime to be in the United States illegally.  I’m not even going to touch the issue of whether a state can make laws on federal issues.  That’s not even important compared to the real issue that’s at hand.   This law allows someone to be stopped for no reason and if they do not have their documents on them, they can be arrested.

If this isn’t racial profiling at its best, then what is?

Most people that agree to this bull have either never experienced racism, are racists themselves or have assimilated to this countries maniacal behavior regarding race.  History is repeating itself here.  We have rich white people telling brown people that they’re not wanted here when it was THEIR LAND FROM THE BEGINNING.  Most of you that are in denial about racism will take that sentence and somehow turn it into an attack of all white people on the planet.  That is not the case.  But is it not true that this country’s history of race related issues has always been rich white men telling all “others” that they are not wanted?  That is a fact.

What’s being said right now in Arizona has been said about the Polish, the Jews, Blacks, the Irish and others over the history of this country.  “Go back to where you came from.” “Get out of here Jew.” “Go back to Africa nigger.”   We are punishing people that are participating in a system that WE created… well not me, but this government and these corporations.  They “bring” people here or invite people here for cheap labor, get them on this “American Dream” wave, then bend them over and give it to them with no vaseline.  The contributions of illegal immigrants is immeasurable.  You get all that you can from them at costs that no legal citizen would dare work for and now you want to throw them out like trash?

I can’t believe…well I take that back, I do believe because I’m clearly aware of institutionalized racism, but a law like this in 2010, all of you need to be ashamed!  If you in anyway think this stops just with Mexicans, or will not create an environment of cultural hostility, or will not permeate to other states, you’re more stupid than I thought.

I’m going to leave you with something I heard that stuck with me:

“…Oooh government you have lost your feeling for life

It is war that you reap

But the loss is to great and the pain is to deep

Your system is thoughtless

and your vision is weak

Your actions are hurtful

You never find what you seek

You make the sky a storm

You destroy the earth

Make possibilities bleak

Your lies are your destruction

Your justice stinks

Your pride is maniacal

You are the bearer of grief

Your wind is shallow

Your truth is oblique

Your patriotism is garbage

It rots and it reeks of death in the wind

the foul stench of men

basking in their cruelty

rejoicing in their sin

You give up and give over so easily

to the darker side

because of your pride

you risk all of humanity…”


2 comments on “Get out of here Mexicans…you’re not wanted

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