Jay Z Blueprint 3 Tour…ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!

Back in November, if you’re like me, you were estatic to hear Jay announce a BP3 North American Tour.  I think I’ve been to almost every tour he’s done or been apart of of.  I consider myself Jay’s unofficial hype-girl.  Yeah, you remember the good ole hype man from back in the days.  I’m just a cuter sexier version of that ;).  As his self proclaimed hype-girl and “Jay Z Rockette”, I was more than estatic to hear about this tour.  I was even more excited to see he would be performing on my birthday in my city of Atlanta! 

February 27, 2010, Jay-Z blew the roof off Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA.  He was PHENOMENAL!  As I danced and rapped to every song that he performed, it made me think of the days of his earlier performances.  Not that much put into them.  Just him, a dj and a few members of his Roc La Familia.  What an evolution!  From his 10+ member band to virtually no guest appearances, this was by far one of his great performances. 

Song after song after song kept you on your feet.  He opened with his hits from Blueprint 3 and took us to this magical place of Jay-Z.  You don’t realize how extensive this man’s catalogue is.  I remember thinking after an hour of songs, he still wasn’t done.  I was trying to figure out when, if ever, was he going to get off the stage.  But he couldn’t get off the stage because I knew he still had an entire era of songs to perform.  Alot of his fans are just getting on the last few of his albums.  But not I.  When he announced: “Alot of you may not know this next set.  I understand you probably didn’t start with me during this time.  You heard “The Black Album” and got on.  But I’m not mad at you for that.  This is for people who started with me from the beginning.”


“Big Pimpin” dropped. The crowd went crazy.   He did, what it seemed like, every song from “Big Pimpin” to his very fist cd, “Reasonable Doubt”.  It was CRAY-ZEE!

My love affair for Jay has immensly heightened.  It’s now 6 days since the concert and I can’t stop thinking about how much fun I had and how great his music is.  Not to short change the other performers, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz, because they did a descent job.  I’ve been a fan of Trey Songz since his first cd when no one knew his name.  I almost forgot how many hot songs Young Jeezy has.  But it was all about Jay!  If you haven’t seen him yet and your lucky enough to find tickets, here are the remaining dates of his tour:

Feb 28: Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum Complex)
Mar 03: Washington, DC (Verizon Center)
Mar 07: Norfolk, VA (Scope Arena)
Mar 11: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
Mar 16: Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena)
Mar 19: St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Center)
Mar 20: Indianapolis, IN    (Conseco Fieldhouse)
Mar 22:  Denver, CO (Pepsi Center)
Mar 24:  San Jose, CA (HP Pavilion)
Mar 26:  Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)

All black everything!!


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