2010 NBA All-Star Weekend: Slam Dunk Contest

It’s All-Star weekend in Dallas, TX.  From what I hear, everything is big in Texas.  Except for this slam dunk contest.  This contest is the highlight for the weekend for most people.  It was especially a highlight when we all thought Lebron James was participating for the first time.  We were all disappointed to find out he backed out a couple of weeks ago.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Two-time winner Nate Robinson was up for his 2nd win in a row and 3rd overall win.  Something that Michael Jordan has never accomplished  nor Julius Erving. It was thought that Lebron would stop Robinson from getting his 3rd win but  now we’ll never know.  Nate’s challengers were a bit less notable than Lebron.  Gerald Wallace, DeMar DeRozen and Shanon Brown had big shoes to fill.  Gerald and Shanon falling out those shoes very easily.  Overall, the slam dunk contest was a bore.  Robinson did not go all out like in the past and used some pom-poms as props.  DeMar stepped it up a little and dunked over one of his teammates as he stood at the 3-point line.  Oh wait.  Robinson did that exact same dunk last year.  How original.

When the boring dust cleared, Nate Robinson became the only man in NBA history to have 3 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest wins.  Not sure how big a deal this is since all the competition didn’t compete.  At least Charles Barkley kept me awake with his rants.


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