Best New Gadgets in 2010

If you’re a gadget/tech freak like myself, then you’ll love what I believe is the absolute picks of the year.  With the help of GQ, here is a list of must haves for 2010.

Best New Tech: GQ’s 2010 Gear PreviewMotorola Backflip $TBA; available this Spring
We have a feeling this will be our favorite Android phone based on the design alone. It has an ample, full QWERTY keypad, a zippy touchscreen, plus an additional touchpad on the reverse side for navigating through the phone without obstructing the screen—great for scrolling through long articles on the web. And when placed on a table as shown, it can turn into a clock or a digital picture frame.

___________________________________________________________________________Lenovo IdeaPad U1 $1000; available June 1st
The conundrum of the year is this: ultraportable laptop or tablet? The Lenovo IdeaPad gives you both. Use it like a normal 11.6 inch, Windows 7 laptop, or pop it out as a standalone tablet for when you really want to go portable.

_________________________________________________________________________Samsung 7000 Series LED TV $TBA; available in the first half of 2010

Yes, this thing is super thin and the picture is awesome, but what we like the most is the chrome, four-legged stand—it gives your set a more Design Within Reach-feel as opposed to, say, a Radio Shack one. Plus the 7000 Series has a 3D processor if you decide to make the jump and get a 3D Blu-ray player this summer.

__________________________________________________________________________Sennheiser/adidas CX 680 Sports $120; available this Spring

Designed in conjunction with adidas and BMW Designworks, these sport headphones have an “EarFin” design that give the buds an unobtrusive yet snug fit no matter how much you sweat. You can even rinse them off under the tap, post-workout.
mPower Emergency Illuminator $290; available in March

An LED flashlight designed by the Porsche Design Studio, the mPower Emergency Illuminator has replaceable CR123 batteries in one tube and a rechargeable reserve battery that will keep its charge, even if it’s not used for 20 years, in the other. It also has a USB connection to charge mobile phones and other devices.

Samsung HT-C6730W $TBA; available mid-2010
There are plenty of home theaters in a box out there, but this one stands out because of it’s sleek piano black finish, 7.1 surround sound—yes that’s seven speakers and a subwoofer—plus apps that give you access to Netflix, Pandora, and Twitter.
Powermat 2X Portable Mat with Integrated Battery $100; available in April
It’s time to ditch the wires in 2010. Simply throw your phone on the Powermat and you’re done—nothing to plug in and no spaghetti tangle of wires to deal with. Older Powermat products required you to place bulky covers on your phone, but this year you’ll just need to replace your battery with a Powermat one—in other words, it won’t change the look or feel of your device. This portable Powermat is meant for the road warrior: it can charge 2 things wirelessly and has a battery containing up to four full device charges—for shorter trips, you won’t have to deal with wires at all.
Sony Bravia NX800 Series HDTV $4600; available this Spring
The minimal NX800 is angled up for more ideal viewing angles in more modern living rooms with lower credenzas or those who decide to place their TV on the floor.
_________________________________________________________Tivit $120; available this Spring
As smart as smartphones have become over the past decade, most still don’t enable us to do one thing—watch live TV. If you’ve ever had to go to a shower during the playoffs, you know live TV is more important than YouTube or email. The Tivit receives over the air Mobile DTV and, via WiFi, streams it to your BlackBerry, iPhone 3G/iPod Touch, or Android phone so you’ll never miss out on key plays.
__________________________________________________________________Parrot AR.Drone $TBA; available late 2010
You know those little remote control helicopters that are super fun but don’t work so well? This one does. It flies like a dragonfly, and you control it by tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch through which you see what the Drone sees in its tiny cameras. Fly it just for kicks, or play one of the augmented reality games that are currently in development.

So there you have it!  These items are HOT!  I got my eye on 1 or 2 of them.

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