Fashion For the Cocoa Chick Man: Homme Jacket

One thing we love for sure over here at Cocoa Chicks CritiQues is man.  A grown ass man specifically.  And with a grown ass man comes grown ass things.

PSA gentlemen – WE LOVE WHEN YOU LOOK PRESENTABLE!  Whether its jeans and a button down, jeans and a FASHIONALBE tee (not the white tshirt that looks like your pajamas) or a tailored suit, we love it.  We think there are some items that should be a staple in your wardrobe.  One of those items is a nice jacket.

Homme Men’s jacket outerwear coat in chocolate, black and even grey.

This jacket is TIGHT.  It makes the mannequin sexy.  So we’re imagining what it can do on a actual man.  Made of cotton in a variation of colors but we think these 2 basic colors, black and brown, is the truth.  Very very sexy.


5 comments on “Fashion For the Cocoa Chick Man: Homme Jacket

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