Too much focus on Valentine’s Day

It always baffled me why women get so caught up on Valentine’s Day.  It’s not more than a huge marketing ploy that most of you fell for.  Even you men fell for it.  You guys are stressing about what you’re going to do for her on that day because she’s obsessing about what you’re going to do for her on that day.

Why so much emphasis on a day that’s really rooted in evil (please go and research the TRUE background of Valentine’s Day)?  What’s even worse is that there are women measuring their “worth” on this day.  Offices around the country on February 14th will have 3 sets of moods on that day: 1) the women who think she’s really loved because her man sent her flowers; 2) the women who is questioning her love because she didn’t get flowers and 3) the women who’s not in a relationship begins to feel EXTRA lonely and not worthy because of all the women around her getting their deliveries.  I’ve been in offices where it felt like I was at a funeral because women “mourning” their relationship or the lack of one due to Valentine’s Day.   I’ve heard women make comments in elevators “this is going to be a dreadful day” or “I hate coming to work on this day”.  Give me a break!

You should not HAVE to measure your value or the value of your relationship behind a specific day on the calendar that society has TOLD you to follow.  February 14th should come and go like any other day because you’re made to feel special and “valuable” on June 6th, September 1st, February 13th and the other 360 days.  Your dude should already be doing the flowers, the candy, the courting, the affection.  Because I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day, not getting flowers to the office was never a traumatic experience.  I’ve never felt any less important or valuable on that day.  The men I’ve dated gave me flowers on a Tuesday or a Sunday or August 19th “just because”.   The days I’m made to feel extra special, the days he tells me he loves me, the romance, the affection, the days he watches me fall asleep, happen throughout the course of the relationship…not just on a specific day.


5 comments on “Too much focus on Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank You. I don’t see to many sistas tweeting about this except what they are going to get. I’m not mad about loving on your mate, I’m just stating that this holiday is totally pagan in nature so how do you feel comfortable honoring it. Spiritually, not religiously, but spiritually speaking it doesn’t sit well with me.

  2. With me being a man, I understand the strain that is endured in relationships during this time. One thing that I have noticed about all holidays is that the majority of people mistake “presents” for “presence” in a relationship during these times.

    Side Note: I really do not like flowers so if my “soon to be” lady want flowers she will need to buy them for herself. I would buy edible treats… (Something we can use for later)

    Value Time & Not Gifts
    *Drops Mic
    Exits that way—->

  3. Hey Anjela! I have always been anti-Valentine’s day – so much so that in high school I claimed February 15th as Anti-Valentine’s Day. The official color was orange (my favorite color) and it was dedicated to all my friends who constantly measured their worth by what they did or did not get on Valentine’s Day. I most always had a man on that day, but coming from a family that did not celebrate birthdays, Christmas, etc., I never made a big deal about it. And I couldn’t stand seeing them “suffer” through the day. So, I made fun of it.

    I agree (as with the above-mentioned holidays) that everyday should be special and I love getting gifts just cause whether it be from my man, my friend or my family member. Honestly, I want to know that my man (or anyone else for the matter) always has me on their mind. Not just on one day that society in general deems “special”.

    Have a happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!!

  4. I am with you Anji on this, I as well feel that everyday is special and whatever day you suprise me is great. I do not want something because someone is pushed to give to me. All that is happing is the sales is going up because people are buying into this and the prices actually goes up. My sweetheart brought me flowers for my birthday and he himself said the prices for what he purchased goes up around valentines his motto if you can get a great price of the same quailty that is when to purchase..Just are special no matter the gift or not material things do not make who you are. Why wait on someone else to treat you..treat yourself. I do that a lot. 🙂

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