Has Mrs. Obama gone too far?

Michelle Obama is launching a nation-wide anti-obesity campaign for children.

Several people have criticized her for making the comment, that she too has dealt with this issue since their pediatrician told them that Malia and Sasha were heading towards being overweight.  Critics are saying that she is placing her children under the unnecessary microscope that can lead them to possibly having an eating disorder in the future. We all know that former President’s daughters were not excused from ridicule.
I believe that if anyone can balance it out, it is Michelle Obama. By using her own daughters, she will be able to speak from first-hand experience.
Obesity in America is at an all time high. A third of America’s children are obese. Working mom’s are apt to give their children fast-food due to a busy schedule. Unfortunately there aren’t that many healthy options in fast food. Children are also not as active as they use to be due to video games and computers. As a busy working mom, Mrs. Obama is an excellent candidate for shedding light on this issue.


2 comments on “Has Mrs. Obama gone too far?

  1. I agree Hazel!

    When I read that critics had something to say I was thinking to myself “they’re kidding, right?” A large part of our healthcare crisis is the state of our OWN HEALTH! And with the majority of Americans overweight we need to talk about this.
    But I also think keeping people sick and overweight is in the works as well. If they know all these items are detrimental to our health why are they allowed for production? OH but wait.. if no one is sick then there is no money to be made, there is no prescription drugs to be made and there’s not doctor visits to be scheduled!

  2. I agree with Mrs. Obama on the issue of bring awareness and challenge to parents of potential or obese children. She is not the first to comment on this issue. It had been commented on for the last decade. Starting with the issue of McDonald fries which they have corrected for the consumer. This is something to look on the positive side, because correct the video games and TV have taken over…children today do not seem to interact as we did as children, running and playing ball, skelli, hopscotch and doubledutch. Heart attacks are increasing and it do not have an age limit. Cholesterol clogs the arteries, and with weight gain, something like a pain in the leg, arm is a tell tale sign something is going on in the circulation, which can cut off the flow to the heart. And with this we as parents, friends of parents, and teachers, doctors etc…Have to say hey this is what is going on and bring this awareness out. Because a child is a child and will eat what it likes as long as you are giving it to them, sit in front of those games as long as you let them. Watch TV as long as you let them. In the long run it will creep up and go into adult life which could shorten their life. So Parents make it an positive experience for the children and yourself, eat right together and work out together…hey they have Wii fitness, and sports which is interactive..Since they like the games.

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