“Leading Women” on Centric

“Leading Women” on Centric

Last night, as I am flipping channels I come across a series called “Leading Women” on Centric. Centric is an affiliate of the BET network. 

The show was excellent. Each half hour segment focuses on an African-American woman who have made many contributions to her community, craft and family.  I watched two back to back episodes, with Sanaa Lathan and Monique.

Let me say I was blown away by each of their stories. 

Sanaa Lathan’s foundation HerGroup, hosts a Cinderella ball which transitions girls from the foster care system into society.  I learned that there were some eye-opening statistics when girls leave the foster care system at 18.  Majority of them are homeless or incarcerated after they leave the foster care system.  Sanaa’s foundation takes these girls and develops self-esteem and skills that will be needed when they transition out of the foster care. 

Monique’s segment displayed her tenacity and strength.  Monique was a mom, wife and worked in Corporate America before she decided to become a comedienne/actress.  She said her big break came when she went into her boss’s office at MCI and resigned. She said you must create your big breaks and not wait for them to come to you.  Her confidence gives a clear indication of how success equals being prepared when the opportunity hits.

This show really goes deep and you learn from their perspective what moves them and why. I learned from each how being true to yourself professionally and personally will help you fulfill you life’s purpose.

For more information about times and showings please visit: http://www.centrictv.com/shows/leading-women/


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