Cocoa Chicks CritiQues: Beauty…less is more

*sigh*  Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!

You’re probably wondering why I’m starting off with a sigh but that’s how I feel sometimes when I see the choices we make when it comes to make up.  I probably should be the last to talk about make-up since all I need is a tube of MAC lip gloss and on a day I’m trying to get “fancy”, I’ll use eye liner.  But if I wanted to wear make up I atleast know what NOT to do.

Below are 2 looks that are a MUST DO and a MUST HAVE!  I don’t care what race you are or what skin complexion you have within your race, this look is GORGEOUS.  

Below, singer Ciara, look absolutely WONDERFUL!   It’s not an overly made-up look but it’s over the top FABULOUS!  As you can see, she has black eye liner, silvery grey sparkled eye shadow and pinkish lip gloss.  FAB! 

Kate Beckinsale has a similar look but a little more sultry with the darker eyes.  SIMPLE YET BEAUTIFUL.  Neither Ciara or Kate looks like they just left the tryouts for Ringling Bros. and Barunum & Bailey Circus.  Less is more ladies!

Glamour Magazine has made it very easy to obtain Ciara’s look.  This is all you need:

Dior 5-Color Designger All-In-One

stila Smokey Eye Talking Pallette

Origins lip gloss, Hula Girl

Clinique Long Last Glosswear



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