Media Double Standards: Why is Tiger’s behavior disgusting but others are not?

I have to call out double standards when I see/hear them.  The media is acting like Tiger Woods has committed the most heinous crime of the century, which I don’t get.  Infidelity is not new.  It’s ESPECIALLY not new when it comes to athletes and it’s damn sure not new when it comes to a BILLIONAIRE athlete.  Do I feel bad for Mrs. Woods?  No, not at all.  1) because she knew about most of these chicks prior to that accident and she decided to stay with him and 2) this is what she signed up for.  Yes, I said.  This is what she signed up for.  Unfortunately because of groupie bitches, the amount of opportunity an athlete has to cheat is ridiculous.  Everybody knows that.  It comes with the territory.  But anyways, that’s a whole other blog in itself.  Back to the double standard.  The media is calling Tiger a monster, a sex addict, scumbag.  You name it, they’ve said it.  Hollywood “stars” have had their hand in this media madness by having an opinion.   So I ask you this.   Why is Tiger being crucified but Hugh Hefner’s behavior is glorified?  And no, the ‘behavior’ is not different.

The media’s angle about Tiger has always been about morals, about a possible “problem” or “sex addiction” about how wrong he is for having all these “transgressions”.   It’s been about why men cheat.  It’s been about how horrible of a man he is.  Hugh has 20 hoes living with him.   Hugh has married one if not more of his hoes and has kept many on the side.  Hugh banging women his great granddaughters age.  For those of you say it’s different, why?  Because all the women know about each other?  PLEASE!   Go walk into traffic.  Hugh is a glorified pimp.  He takes in young hoes to use for a profit.  Just because he’s pimping them on the cover of Playboy vs. Hollywood Blvd, means he’s somehow not any different from Bishop Magic Don Juan?If it’s about the amount of women Tiger has ALLEGEDLY been with then how is he any different from Hugh Hefner?  Hugh has multiple partners.  Hugh has cheated on his wife.  Hugh is or has been married while having these multiple partners in and out his mansion.  We can go back and forth about the business aspect of Hefner.  But the specific issue of morality, monogamy, multiple partners, infidelity can’t be argued.  Some of the same reporters, Hollywood stars, and some of you readers who have had an opinion on Tiger have mingled, partied, broke bread or glorified Hugh for his misogynist ways.  That behavior is looked at as OK by the media because it’s business, it’s the industry Hef is in but Tiger cheating on his wife with 14 ALLEGED females is monstrous.  That’s hypocritical.  Tiger hasn’t even confirmed all of these women and he’s already a ‘sex addict’ but we know for a fact that Hugh has had hundreds of women be his ‘lady’ and he’s a legend?  GIVE ME A F*CKING BREAK!


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