The Uproar About Tiger

Tiger Woods was injured early Friday when he lost control of his SUV outside his Florida mansion, and a local police chief said Woods’ wife used a golf club to smash out the back window to help get him out. The world’s No. 1 golfer was treated and released from a hospital in good condition, his spokesman said.”

We all heard about the accident.  My first reaction was that I hoped he would be ok. Then I read the story again, and again. Though I don’t know the geographic details of his neighborhood, I was perplexed at how he managed to hit a fire hydrant and then a tree. I was relieved to know that alcohol did not play a factor in the accident.

However, his accident and lack of explanation to anyone other than the Windemere police department has left many wondering if there was more. The Florida Highway Patrol are not buying Tigers’ story about the accident, and are attempting to supersede the Windemere police department. The FHP has requested to speak with Tiger and/or his wife Elin on three occasions and have been turned away as many times. Though the FHP hasn’t confirmed whether or not they are seeking Tigers’ medical report following his accident, they’re not denying it either. Tiger has ZERO responsibility to speak with the FHP who are seeking to speak with the golfer to confirm their thoughts on whether or not a domestic altercation between he and his wife is what caused him to leave his home at such an hour with no shoes on and ultimately caused the accident.

But if you follow the paparrazi, they feel the reason behind Tigers’ early morning accident could be related to Elin Woods anger over a story they posted about Tigers’ alleged affair with a New York nightclub hostess, Rachel Uchitel. An affair in which not only does Tiger deny, but Rachel denies as well.

Since then, it has become a media feeding frenzy. Every media know-it-all has chimed in on this incident. Tiger released a statement following his accident:

“This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way,” Woods said in a statement Sunday, his first since the crash. “Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. … “I appreciate all the concern and well wishes that we have received,” he said. “But, I would also ask for some understanding that my family and I deserve some privacy no matter how intrusive some people can be.”

As for the media and the FHP and for every person who thinks Tiger should pay for his wrongdoings because he’s not above the law. Think about it. No crime was reported or COMMITTED!  No one is crying foul and the FHP are looking like bullies. I mean, since when does highway state patrol eagerly seek out to investigate accidents in driveways??

It doesn’t matter if Tiger had an affair or not (which by the way, I don’t put it past him). It doesn’t matter if Elin was angry over a tabloid report. It doesn’t matter that he left his house without shoes. We can all assume more than what was there. We might even be right. But why is everyone acting like he has done something sooooo wrong?  I’m reading posts on social networking sites where people are calling for arrests?!?  GIVE ME A BREAK!

But what is even more compelling is the thinking that you have an inalienable right to know everything about what happened?

As I write this I just learned the case is closed.  ABOUT DAMN TIME!  Shouldn’t of been open from the beginning.  Once the police arrived he should have been cited and left the hell alone.

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